WooCommerce Agency Mastermind Conference 2019

Meeting WooCommerce experts from all over the world!

This past February, because there was no WooCommerce conference, Jonathan Martin from CoolBlue Web decided to pull together other official WooExperts from around the world for a  WooCommerce Agency Mastermind Conference. There are only about 30 companies in the world that have been accepted as official WooExperts (something we take very seriously here at FirstTracks). We were excited to have the opportunity to meet and share insights and experiences. We were also eager to process how we all do things and how we can all do them better. 

Day 1: Incredible inspiration on how to better and different

Our web development manager, Jim Dudley, and I headed down to Atlanta for an intense three days of BarCamp sessions, scheduled speakers, and shared meals with some great people. We got to meet agency owners and managers from all over the world. People came from Germany, Norway, California, Seattle, Florida, and Spain.

We had a very inspiring pair of talks on Day 1 from David Rendall (author of The Freak Factor and Pink Goldfish, which I highly recommend you checkout. Great books.). David spoke on the strengths and weaknesses of our team makeups, and what they really mean, and how to best leverage them in positive ways. David’s second talk revolved more around how to be unique and different in business—and how not to fall into the trap of being just like everyone else. Both of these concepts resonated strongly with me as I think harder about what we do here at FirstTracks Marketing. David’s talks also made me think about the amazing team we’ve built at FirstTracks, and all the things we have been doing for our clients over the years. We’ve been having some very exciting talks since the conference and have some exciting adjustments coming soon for our organization.

Days 2 & 3: Learning more about each other and what’s coming up for WooCommerce

Day 2 featured a very interesting talk from Jonathan Martin on the psychology of billing. This is an area we’ve made large strides with in the past six months here at FirstTracks. We’re  working toward making our invoices more user friendly and clear at a glance to our clients. These new invoices show exactly how much effort is being put into all the work we are doing for our clients while providing more useful context in relation to the costs of those efforts.

Day 3 featured a session with Todd Wilkens, who is the head of WooCommerce. This was very exciting. We were able to ask direct questions about the future for WooCommerce—not only about the software itself but about the programs in place for WooExpert agencies like us. There are many new exciting WooCommerce user experience enhancements coming down the pike. WooCommerce remains focused on continuing to evolve the platform as a more widely accepted enterprise solution for e-commerce. This will be happening in the form of many new UX enhancements for the WooCommerce core, an all new admin area, and in enhanced analytics and reporting tools.

Back in chilly New Hampshire, inspired and excited for what’s ahead in 2019!

Honestly, this was one of the best events we’ve ever attended. Spending time meeting and sharing with a focused small group of professionals, who all share similar challenges and experiences, was simply amazing. I have never attended anything quite so inspiring, interesting, and packed full of specific things that we are going to be able to apply (and in some cases already applying) to our business. We look forward to hopefully doing this again next year. We’re also excited about continuing the communication with this group on a monthly basis on conference calls. The goal is to continue to share and learn from each other’s experiences.

New Ideas & Inspiration