New websites for ElleVet Sciences

ElleVet Sciences making CBD and CBDA products for our four-legged friends

It’s no secret that all the team members at FirstTracks Marketing are big time dog lovers. So when Portland, Maine, based company ElleVet Sciences came calling for website design and development help, we were excited to see how we could help them improve things. ElleVet already had a WordPress / WooCommerce website, but wanted it to run more smoothly and produce less issues. FirstTracks started out by migrating the website systems over to WP Engine to stabilize the operations online. The shift to WP Engine provided instant speed improvements and added flexibility for more expansion.

Ellevet Sciences

Once the ElleVet website infrastructure was handled we continued to provide ongoing technical support for any issues that came up with the operations of the website. In addition we also on-boarded the site with Metorik for enhanced shop analytics and engaged its email automation services to take over abandoned cart functionality. Both site additions provided profitable returns and helped ElleVet learn more about its customers and convert more buyers.

Redesigning The ElleVet Project Website

Early in 2021, FirstTracks was asked to completely redesign and rebuild The ElleVet Project. This is the non-profit service that ElleVet started to provide free veterinary care to the pets of the homeless.

Our job was to make it easier for ElleVet to publish updates and information about all the great things they are doing as well as make it easier to make and take donations on the website. We accomplished both goals by using our custom WordPress theme framework coupled with WooCommerce and subscriptions to make the donation process smooth and simple. The site was designed and launched in just a couple of months because it had to be ready for the summer schedule which started June 1st.

Redesigning ElleVet Sciences Website

At the same time we were working on The ElleVet Project website, we also started the process of redesigning and rebuilding the main Ellevet Sciences website. As far as average transactions, revenue, and active customer base are concerned, this is by far the biggest site FirstTracks has ever had the opportunity to work on.

When the scale of these projects gets this large it’s really important to have a highly experienced staff and consistent process to rely on. The goal is to make sure the project not only gets done but is done right the first time. Working with the team at ElleVet we were able to coordinate everything, create a new design that is fresh and modern, and improve how their product subscription setup works. We worked hard to make sure that the new site design not only looked nice but was built lean and mean to handle the current levels of traffic and transactions. We also made sure the site was properly set up for the future levels of growth and expansion that ElleVet is looking to achieve. We are all very proud of how the final website came out

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