Making Ecommerce Sites Work Better With Woocommerce

This past August we were contacted by the Newton Massachusetts business, Curly Girl Designs. They were having some challenges with their current WordPress ecommerce solution powered by WP-Ecommerce and they were fed up with the poor performance and usability it was providing. It was time to migrate.

Curly Girl Design Woocommerce Project

Curly Girl Designs was looking for an expert to help migrate their WPEC ecommerce system to a Woocommerce package and make this transition simple for their customers and painless for their office staff who had been struggling with WPEC. Curly Girl understood that Woocommerce would change some of the structural elements of the theme (which was Woocommerce compatible). Our job was to make Woocommerce to look as close to what Curly Girl Design already had as possible. In addition to this, we  had to deal with checkout speed problems and alerts. Site speed was a critical need that had to be addressed.

Launched and the returns have been excellent

Curly Girly Woocommerce Report Data

The new converted site has been live for two months and the feedback and numbers compared to last year at this time have been very encouraging:

  • 20% Increase in overall visits
  • 30% Increase in unique visitors
  • 45% Increase in page views
  • 20% Increase in pages per visit
  • 25% Increase in average time per visit
  • 16% Decrease in bounce rate
  • 7% Increase in new visits
  • $14,000+ of tracked sales in first 30 days with the new platform

All the user access stats have increased in a positive manner. The average order has increased by 8% and the site speed delivery has been drastically improved without the addition (yet) of site caching or CDN tools. This has resulted in a significantly reduced influx of customer service calls and a reduction in abandoned carts due to the simpler and streamlined checkout process.

How can we help you improve your online sales?

We are passionate developers and designers who are obsessed with making the online sales experiences more effective. Do you have an ecommerce system you need to migrate? Are you thinking of a Woothemes solution? We can help whether it be to enhance your current system or develop a new ecommerce solution. Give us a call at 603-924-1978 or you can fill out our online form and we will get back to you shortly so we can discuss your project needs in more detail. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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