Is Your Site Mobile Friendly?

Google is changing the rules again

When you are the elephant of the search world you get to make the rules. Google is obviously that elephant. They released a new mobile ranking algorithm on April 21. Though some are referring to this as Mobilegeddon with all the implied drama, this is not an event to be taken lightly. This search algorithm gives mobile-friendly websites a ranking boost when viewed on smartphones. This will impact search results and therefore could affect your business.

Your website has to be mobile friendly now

According to a study by Telmetrics, 50 percent of respondents said they use their mobile devices to start the search process; 46 percent use mobile exclusively when performing research online. These are HUGE numbers and Google is doing the right thing by reacting to how people search. Search results are based on a number of criteria and “mobile friendly” is now one of them. Google’s job is search. In order to make searching for information as efficient as possible, Google periodically updates its processes. Makes sense.

How do you make your website mobile friendly?

All websites require constant attention. Your site is an important and, for most, a critical part of your business. Themes, plugins, CMS, etc. need to be updated and supported. Then there are external forces like this change from Google that require action. Your site is a living, breathing business tool that needs regular maintenance. Ignore it and like any other piece of equipment you will pay the price. Make site maintenance a regular part of your business planning and budget process.

So take a look at your business. Who are your customers or site users? How do they prefer to access your site? If you run an e-commerce site that relies on traffic coming primarily from mobile devices, this new algorithm change is a big deal. Mobile use is big and continues to grow. This is a natural change for Google to make and it comes down to EASY, PRODUCTIVE INFORMATION ACCESS. Google is making search more productive, i.e., getting people relevant information faster.

This is important and deserves your attention. Here’s some action steps:

  • Test your site with Google.
  • Take note of the mentioned deficiencies.
  • Check your site analytics. Where is your traffic coming from by device?
  • Give FirstTracks a call at 603-924-1978 or use our request form so we can develop a plan to get you mobile friendly.

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