Holiday Gift Guide 2021

It’s that very merry time of year again!

Have you started your holiday shopping?! This year seems to be a mad rush with increasing supply chain concerns and shipping delays. Our team has been working with our e-commerce clients to circumvent these challenges to make it a phenomenal Q4. Amidst all the promotional emails, blogging and Google Ads – we’ve been keeping our eye on some great gifts from some of our favorite clients! Whether you are getting started or looking for a few last minute stocking stuffers, you have come to the right place! Gift giving shouldn’t be stressful – it should be filled with merriment. That’s why the team at FirstTracks wanted to give you a hand. Here is a list of their favorite gifts.

Matt Loves Golf!

Matt’s Favorite Gift

It’s no secret that Matt is an avid lover of the game of golf. It’s something his family has always done together for as long as he can remember. Matt feels fortunate to be able to pass that passion on to his son as well. There is nothing he enjoys more than being able to spend a few hours on the course with his dad and his son. But what do you get for the golfer that has everything? How about a personalized golf ball box? Our client Sofia’s Findings has a great selection of golf themed gifts. This would be a unique and special way to display your collection of special golf balls. Matt is thinking about picking up one of these for his son so he has a place to display his TWO hole-in-one balls from this fall!

Jim Loves Coffee!

Jim’s Favorite Gift

Every single morning you’ll see a cup of coffee on Jim’s desk. After years of drinking coffee he has learned to appreciate the beans from small roasters like Burwell Beans. Located close to where Jim grew up in Massachusetts, they are family owned & operated. Their mission is to provide ethically sourced and sustainable coffee beans. Burwell is passionate about being conscious and giving back to the community. That makes it an easy choice for purchasing coffee, especially with the variety of flavors they offer. Jim’s favorite is the “Bold and Dark” option from the sample pack. Their website is also a wealth of knowledge for tips such as how to make the perfect cup of coffee, or how to reuse coffee grounds.

Bob Loves Annalee Dolls

Bob’s Favorite Gift

Bob has an appreciation for art and the stories behind those artists. Annalee Thorndike is no exception. To this day, Annalee, the creator of the world-famous Annalee doll has a following that has never waned. Bob suggests this beautiful hardbound 160 page classic book, Behind the Smile—The Story of Annalee Thorndike. Loaded with anecdotes, fascinating history, behind-the-scenes stories, hundreds of colorful photos and illustrations showcasing rare dolls, family, promotional items, and more. Take a journey into the world of Annalee that few have seen. This a holiday gift that collectors will cherrish, and appreciated by anyone that has an interest in a true New England success story. Follow the life of Annalee as her artistic creativity unfolds in

Jess Loves Jewelry

Jess’s Favorite Gift

Jess is a longtime New Englander and one of the few team members who gets pumped about winter and a hefty snow day. It’s a tad surprising that she also loves southwest style but that eclectic passion is why she loves working with such a big variety of clients. The iconic “wild west” has long held an allure, she grew up on a horse farm and barrel raced ponies as a kid. Looking to knock the socks off someone this holiday season? Jess would send you Christmas shopping at Hyo Silver designs signature western-inspired jewelry and accessories. Jess said, “My personal pick is the Texas the Raindrop Necklace. I’m a turquoise girl thru and thru. This timeless piece is sterling silver with a pear blue turquoise cabochon. And you know what they say, give the gift that you want to receive.”

Adam Loves Jerky

Adam’s Favorite Gift

I like to take advantage of the outdoors that New England has to offer, especially hiking with my dog Lui. Whenever we head out, I’m sure to pack a few of our favorite treats. I pack some peanut butter bones for him, and some hickory smoked beef jerky for me. Climax Jerky is a women owned business in Colorado. Their jerky is the perfect mid day snack when we are out in the woods. Hickory smoked is my favorite, also be sure to check out their specialty jerky options. Don’t miss these great snacks, these are great people with a delicious product!

Marissa Love Calefs Country Store

Marissa’s Favorite Gift

Marissa loves to find new ways to “spice” up her favorite meals! She grew up only a few miles from Calef’s Country Store. Marissa’s parents would bring her and her older brother to the store to pick out delicious food and desserts. Calef’s Camp Mix NH Spice Mixes are the ultimate stocking stuffers for those who love to cook or are learning! These all-in-one, unique seasoning blends come in four different flavors including Original, Cinnamon Honey, Lemon Pepper, and Spud Fixin’. “I love to use the Cinnamon Honey on a piece of toast in the morning for a sweet breakfast or the original as a rub on chicken breast!” These spices have an unlimited amount of uses and are the perfect staple to have in the kitchen. Shop local this holiday season at Calef’s Country Store!

Lou loves greeting cards

Lou’s Favorite Gift

Someone you love, like, adore, cherish, or simply enjoy having in your life pops into your head. You want to say “hello, I’m thinking of you.” But what do you do about it? Well, I decided to do something about it. I keep a box of cards on my table for these moments (like several times a week). I find the right card and address it to that person. It’s been an amazing experience, for both me and all the recipients of the cards. It’s kept us better in touch and much more present in each other’s lives. And who doesn’t like to be surprised by a card in the mail. Curly Girl cards have been among my favorites to send for several years. They capture the simplest of moments in such a few words, but have that greatest “wow” effect. You’ll also find that on the annual Curly Girl Calendar. It’s perfect for planning your days and features the most inspiring and heartfelt messages. It also looks amazing hanging on the wall. I’ve also started giving Curly Girl magnets as gifts. No refrigerator should be without one (or two).

Ryan loves HempX CBD

Ryan’s Favorite Gift

Like many others, I have a pretty busy life. With two kids and a house to take care of, finding a moment to relax can be difficult at times. One thing I discovered within the past couple of years that helps to take the edge off a bit is CBD oil. If you haven’t tried it before, it likely has several benefits that can help you as well. CBD oil has helped many people with stress/anxiety, pain relief, inflammation reduction, and sleep improvement. HempX has many products to aid with these symptoms and something for everyone. From CBD oil, to edibles, topicals, and even products for pets, to name just a few. My personal favorite is their 1500mg CBD Oil Tincture. Be sure to check out their products to find one that will work best for you. I love that their products are made with their own locally-sourced, organic hemp!

Gary loves majestic solutions

Gary’s Favorite Gift

In late March of 2020, my wife and I became parents to a cute (biased opinion) baby boy. Over the past year and a half, I’ve watched my son go from a squishy little baby to a walking tornado. Like any toddler, he loves to play, climb, touch and make a mess of everything in his path. Sometimes the mess is intentional, and sometimes it’s not. One of the worst things you might have to clean up is a blowout in your car. Majestic Solutions makes car interior cleaning products that can keep your car clean and smelling fresh. My personal favorite is the Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner. This cleaner can get out dirt, grime, and any other unmentionable messes. Plus, you don’t have to worry about using harsh chemicals because it’s biodegradable and non-caustic.

Eric loves the boot pro

Eric’s Favorite Gift

Eric is great at a variety of things; sometimes he’s annoyingly good, especially when you are up against him in a ping pong match. Most of our clients know him for his development prowess. He’s a systematic thinker and able to troubleshoot complex problems creatively. But when Eric has free time (albeit that doesn’t happen often with two kids under five), he is fun-seeking in the great outdoors. He’s a solid tennis player, wakeboarder and snowboarder. Eric would send those looking for a functional and useful gift to our friends at The Boot Pro in Ludlow, Vermont. They have everything a skier or rider needs – including accessories. His top pick for holiday gifts is Mountain Hardwear’s Micro Neck Gaiter. Whether it’s weather, poppin’ corn through the moguls or cartwheeling down the hill, this little gem keeps that pesky cold and snow off your face. With it’s 360 degree rotation capability you can always find a dry spot to breathe through.

Ashley loves charitable causes

Ashley’s Favorite Gift

We all have that one person that’s impossible to buy for. Someone who’s perfectly happy with what they already have. For that person, you can give a gift in their honor to a student in Malawi through Good Soil Partners. They provide housing and education to the best and brightest students, and are currently working on building a new school.

Ash loves dogs

Ash’s Favorite Gift

Like a lot of people, my dogs mean the world to me. Both of my pups are rescues and came with a little extra baggage than your average dog, more to love! With two high anxiety dogs going on walks in fast paced environments can be a challenge. Ellevet offers a great solution to help dogs feel more comfortable in high stress environments. The best part about my favorite product, Ellevet’s hemp chews for dogs, is the many benefits for dogs of all ages. Both my two and twelve year old dogs enjoy the same treat, which is great so there’s no fighting. The older dog Lily, enjoys all the benefits for senior dogs, including better mobility and less achy joints. The best part about Ellevet’s hemp products, they’re for dogs and cats! They have a line of product’s from chews to soft gels and oils. Give your pet the gift of comfort this holiday! Whether your dog is a senior or struggles with anxiety, Ellevet will help.

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