Using New Affiliate Ad Extensions in Google AdWords

AdWords Affiliate Location Extensions Rolling Out

Digital advertisers are now seeing new ad extensions in their AdWords accounts for “Affiliate Locations.” These new affiliate ad extensions seem to have come at just the right time, before the holiday rush. Many businesses also rely on the affiliate programs they have set up with other retailers, and these new extensions provide shoppers with an immediate solution to find products nearby. General retail chains such as Macy’s, Home Depot, Target, PetSmart, and even more upscale retailers such as Lord & Taylor and Bloomingdale’s are available. Pharmacies and convenience stores such as CVS and 7-Eleven are also included. Below is the new extension.

New AdWords Affiliate Location Extensions

Using Affiliate Ad Extensions

By now, many of us realize the importance of using all AdWords and search ad extensions. Study after study shows they boost click-through rates and the ever omnipresent quality score. Or, in other words, they have the capacity to completely alter the effectiveness of a campaign. And including them should be considered and organized, just as you would when creating new advertisement copy. So, if you can use an affiliate ad extension to improve user experience, you should.

Not every account should use Location or Affiliate Location ad extensions. For now, Google makes it easy for us by listing about 50 selected retailers within existing targeted areas. It’s likely that this list will be expanded in the future. Reporting is then shown for each storefront location in the given area. Check it out below.

AdWords Affiliate Ad Extensions Reporting

What’s next?

We are already rolling out this update to all of our corresponding accounts. This is an extension that should be A/B tested, as when a user clicks the extension, Google Maps is automatically loaded from the search results page. And with the holidays right around the corner, it’s important to get all materials ready sooner rather than later.

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