Happy and Thankful for Amazing Clients and an Amazing Team.

Black Friday / Cyber Monday here we come!

This is an exciting time of year for businesses. Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the Christmas buying season are well into full swing. Our team has been busy working with our clients prepping promotional blitzes for this Black Friday / Cyber Monday. We have checked and triple checked everything for these promotions to make sure they are perfect. We will be up early this holiday weekend making sure the emails, search advertising and website adjustments are on point. Our team wants to make sure these promo launches are the best yet! Keep an eye on Annalee Dolls, Hyo Silver, Barilife and Sofia’s Findings this weekend for some awesome deals!

Annalee Dolls Black Friday / Cyber Monday Specials

Hyo Silver Black Friday / Cyber Monday Specials

Let’s re-launch an e-commerce website right before Thanksgiving!

We have a rule of thumb never to launch a new website on a Friday. Nor an e-commerce site the Wednesday before a long holiday weekend heading into Black Friday / Cyber Monday. Well almost never. Finding Home Farms called us in early November to see if we could get their website wrapped up before Thanksgiving this year. Bear in mind that we started this website project with them almost three years ago! These projects never take close to this long to complete. Finding Home Farms had every intention of finishing this new website a long time ago. But as we all know sometimes life gets in the way of finishing important things. In this case Finding Home Farms had their product line picked up by Whole Foods, a pretty good reason to get behind on your website. 🙂

Finding Home Farms Website Homepage

We met as a team and reviewed the remaining requirements to complete the project to make sure we could pull it off. It was obvious that this was a very important deadline to Finding Home Farms. We decided as a team to take this opportunity and help them make this happen. The development team snapped into action putting together a task outline with deadlines and milestones to keep us on track. Over the past three weeks working as a team we made it happen and today finally launched their new Website! It was fun and exciting to hear their reactions to how much they like the new site. Now we get to see how much better the new platform will perform during their holiday rush season this year! We can’t wait to dig into the data on the new website so we can start comparing sales and deliverability metrics!

You can’t pull off incredible results like this without an awesome team.

These are the kinds of challenges our team is meeting and exceeding everyday for our clients. Our team is passionate about the brands we serve and support. We love to see them thrive and succeed every month. We wanted to take a moment to share how thankful we are to work with all of our awesome clients. Huge thanks to the whole team here at FirstTracks Marketing for their hard work and dedication. Here’s to another new e-commerce website launch and continued Black Friday / Cyber Monday success!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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