Get Smart with Abandoned Carts

Attention e-commerce merchants!

If you’re not running abandoned cart emails for your online store, you’re leaving money on the table. Today’s consumers are busy, and the average abandoned cart rate for online shoppers is 70%. What are we talking about here? It means that roughly 7 out of 10 people who initiate a transaction on an online store will not complete it! That’s a scary stat.

So as marketers what are we doing with these 7 out of 10 shoppers? We work so hard to introduce customers to our products. We are over-the-moon when they add items to their carts. But then, just like that, we are stood up for the dance! Whatever the distraction—be it a phone call, the deep hole of Facebook, or the common “let me think about it”—we can’t let those customers disappear and take the sale with them. We must remind them of the great deal or stellar product that they are missing.

What do we do to bring those shoppers back?

FirstTracks recently partnered with Jilt to offer our clients a powerful abandoned cart solution. We have seen, tried, and tested plenty of clunky overpromising solutions for cart abandonment. We have experienced the hair-pulling that quickly arises from trying to sync transactional systems with triggers, analytics, and personalized emails. That’s why it feels refreshing to find an easy to set up solution such as Jilt that works as promised. And now we’re celebrating a boost in revenue as we’re essentially finding cash in our pockets. It’s the kind of thing that makes us smile ear to ear here at FirstTracks! Jilt offers seamless integration for our WooCommerce and Shopify retailers. We feel a burden has lifted as we can easily launch and monitor abandoned cart campaigns quickly and efficiently for our clients.

Ok, so how does this all work? Once integrated and set up, Jilt automatically sends personalized and responsive email reminders to customers who have abandoned orders. The only requirements are that consumers have an account on the site or have entered a valid email address at any point during while shopping. We can customize the timing of each email reminder and even add incentives to complete their order today. Sometimes it’s just a simple message saying “Did you forget something?” that makes the difference. But this also gives us the opportunity to offer abandoned cart users with extra incentives as the days go by.

Seven Day Snapshot with Jilt Service

Abandoned Cart Solutions

Abandoned Cart Solutions

Jilt manages custom promotional codes so you don’t have to worry about extending special offers to the masses. It’s easy to set up short-term personalized incentives automatically. When a simple “Did you forget something?” doesn’t cut it—this gives us a straightforward way to offer free shipping or 10% off to these shoppers. And all this information is tracked, giving us the power to evolve and try new things so we can determine what it will take to get that forgetful shopper to commit.

And here’s the icing on the cake.

Jilt handles and tracks abandoned orders so that your site doesn’t get weighed down in all of that data. By offloading the history of abandoned and recovered orders, you can easily track trends over time in your dashboard while maintaining a speedy and efficient site. The invaluable insights this solution provides gives our team the level of detail we need to recognize what is working, to empower us to try new things, and to, most importantly, increase revenue. We can see what was left, when it was left, and what emails have a likelihood of bringing them back to complete that purchase.

So what are you doing about your abandoned carts? If your not implementing strategies such as Jilt, it’s probably time to give FirstTracks a call 603-924-1978 or fill out our short contact form.

Take a Peek at the Jilt Dashboard:

Abandoned Cart Solution for Woocommerce

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