“Marketing Works”

We received an email from a client today full of thank yous and atta boys along with the comment in bold, “Marketing Works”. We all love applause but what really got me was the last thing she said. “we have added 3 new residents” Ah, the REALLY REALLY important measurement is always Da Monies (thank you Steve). The campaign did its most important job. It increased sales.

Yes, the graphic work was great, the new website clean and functional, the direct mail piece easy to read and appropriately messaged, the open house well announced but the best, the very best part is that more benjamins are flowing into the client’s wallet.

This is not a large client with lots of money looking to be the next Gekko. NOT about the flash, NOT about spiky haired agency types winning a creative award. This is just a small business that needed to sell more, PERIOD. This was FUN. This was meaningful.

Now let’s get up tomorrow and do it again.

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