Klaviyo Email Automation Integration with WooCommerce Subscriptions

Pushing Klaviyo Email Automation Integrations for WooCommerce Subscriptions for Fresh Jar

Fresh Jar is a new business started earlier this year by Julie Kaprilian. The business concept: conveniently delivered high-quality fresh salads for busy families. Currently the salad service is only available for delivery in the local Utah communities of Marshfield and Hewitt City Limits. If you live beyond those areas you can order salads for pickup as well from a coffee shop in the area.

Taking the Fresh Jar WooCommerce Subscription setup over the finish line

The current Fresh Jar subscription service works like this:

  1. You select the amount of salads you want to receive each week.
  2. You can edit your flavor selections for each salad until Tuesday at midnight each week.
  3. Fresh Jar preps your fresh salads for pick up or local delivery Sunday or Monday.

Simple, quick, and easy—now busy families can have farm fresh salads ready to eat whenever they want. In addition, Fresh Jar’s salad service is also environmentally friendly. Salads are delivered in reusable mason jars.

Integrating WooCommerce Subscriptions with Klaviyo

Fresh Jar needed help managing their weekly ongoing subscriptions as well as new orders. Plus its was becoming time consuming reminding all the active, on-hold, and canceled subscribers about their salad deliveries. This is where some smart WooCommerce API programming and the power of Klaviyo email marketing automation come in!

Using the REST API in WooCommerce, FirstTracks Marketing developers were able to push a new custom metric into Klaviyo that passes over their users weekly subscription status, which tells Klaviyo who on their email marketing list is either active, on-hold, or canceled.

This new custom metric allows us to build dynamic email automation flows that handle a few different functions each week.

  1. Active subscribers are reminded every Monday morning that if they want to change their salad flavors that they need to do so before midnight on Tuesday that week.
  2. On-hold subscribers are reminded that if they want to receive salads for this week that they need to reactivate their subscription and choose their flavors by midnight Tuesday.
  3. Canceled subscribers are sent a series of emails over the course of a few weeks inviting them back a few times before ultimately sunsetting them from the list if there is no response by the end of the automation flow.
Since the automations went live things have kicked into high gear!

These consistent email automations now run automatically every week, collecting data, reengaging customers, and driving revenues higher all without having to lift a finger each week. In addition to these automations, FirstTracks also setup Klaviyo to also handle all the abandoned cart functionality for the WooCommerce shop. From the moment these tools went live in mid-August, you can see how they’ve been helping grow Fresh Jar’s sales volume. Check out that sales report. We are very excited to see how this helps Fresh Jar grow and thrive!

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