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In early 2020, FirstTracks Marketing officially became a proud Klaviyo partner. Our team diligently keeps an eye on industry trends because our clients’ expectations and goals are never in decline. As a highly focused e-commerce marketing, development, and design agency, we were drawn to the tight integration and hyper-accurate database analytics reporting that set Klaviyo apart from other email service providers.

We have spent the year onboarding and transitioning new and existing clients to the Klaviyo platform. In most cases this has allowed us to save clients money by consolidating email campaigns and automations while improving their data reporting and segmentation. With Klaviyo we built a stronger presence for our clients by using creative email marketing designs, SMS messaging, customer and email analytics, and sign-up forms that drive more conversions.

Klaviyo Email Marketing Campaigns & Automations

FirstTracks uses Klaviyo to send one-off emails for promotions and to push content but also to build automated flows to ensure our clients are nurturing relationships with their subscribers. Tracking buyer behavior gives us the power to see into each customer’s journey and lead them to the goal of making a purchase. For example, we created a series of emails to pinpoint consumers at certain phases, such as browsing products on the website, subscribing to the newsletter, or adding items to their cart but never completing an order. How is this possible? Klaviyo offers a variety of triggers and other automations, such as events, list/segment membership, A/B tests, and more, that allow us to reach customers with the right messaging at the right time.

Klaviyo E-commerce Integration for WooCommerce

Klaviyo’s tight integration with WooCommerce is a major reason FirstTracks decided to add the platform to our tech stack. Flexible API customizations and syncing over customer data from WooCommerce allows our team to create richer segments by identifying certain properties of a customer such as when they last purchased, geographic location, and buying behaviors. We can now get to know these customers on a deeper level and see how they interact with a client’s business to send more targeted and personalized emails to more refined and better performing customer segments.

This integration also gives our team the ability to pull in product images, pricing, and descriptions straight from the website into the email template. Showcasing an e-commerce store on email has never been easier. With the ability to pull data over from WooCommerce, we can create product categories to sync over including popular products or a specific category. This feature has been extremely helpful when a client is running a promotion on certain items.

Powerful Data and Analytics

In addition to detailed email performance analytics, such as open rate, click rate, and conversions to a client’s website, Klaviyo allows us to use predictive analytics to determine future risk and opportunity including churn or identifying high-value customers. With these analytics we can closely track subscriber engagement. Not only do these analytics give us in-depth information about consumers, but they also help our team determine the best times to send campaigns and what items are most popular.

New Klaviyo Email Tools

Integrated SMS Campaigns 

Reaching email subscribers is important, but with Klaviyo we can also reach the same customers through a text message — a key channel for engaging an audience. Another great Klaviyo feature is smart send time reporting and additional tests. With smart send, you can easily avoid sending too many emails to active subscribers, ensuring the unsubscribe rate remains low. This feature also indicates the most optimal times for sending messages. Klaviyo reports show that the first 3,000 users saw a 10% lift in open and conversion rates when optimizing deployment times. 

In-line A/B Testing

With A/B testing, our team can try different subject lines/messaging or varying email templates to test which version the audience best responds to. This is a great indicator of what your customers like. We can then begin to tailor emails and segments to fit these interests and behaviors. Having visibility into form analytics is important so our clients can track how people are subscribing or find solutions to attract more customers to join their email list. 

Custom Reporting

Benchmarking is Klaviyo’s new custom reporting feature. FirstTracks gained early access to this feature through our partnership. Benchmarking allows us to dive deeper into various aspects of our clients’ businesses and analyze what is working (and what isn’t working) and find trends of success. This reporting also provides industry comparisons to track client performance compared to their peers. We not only see the overall industry averages, but we can track our clients right alongside their industry peers and find ways to improve our strategies.

Our Partnership with Klaviyo

With all of these exciting features, we are looking forward to continued growth for our clients. As a Klaviyo agency partner, FirstTracks now has deeper insights into our clients’ businesses and how consumers interact with their brands. As Klaviyo continues to add new features, our team will be able to better optimize the user experience and drive revenue for our clients. 

If you are looking to take your email marketing to the next level, give us a call at 603-924-1978 or fill out our short online form so we can get a conversation started. We look forward to learning more about your business and helping you achieve your goals.

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