Quick Look Back at FirstTracks Marketing 2017 & What’s on Tap for 2018

WOW what a year 2017 was, and what an amazing start the FirstTracks Marketing team is off to for 2018. We have been off to a fast a furious start this year, evidenced by the fact that it’s almost the end of February and I am just getting around to sharing all these amazing accomplishments. So many amazing new websites, fantastic marketing campaign results and business growth for 2017 and looking stronger than ever for 2018. Proud of what the team has been able to achieve this past year, and the continued growth and expansion of our skills across the board makes me excited to see what we can accomplish together in 2018.

12 New Websites Designed & Launched in 2017

  • Thistlewoodfarms.com – Helped her launch her new book this past spring, new site is crushing it traffic wise and book sales are gangbusters.
  • actioninc.org – Completely transformed their brand, empowered them to take control of their online communications, helping lots more people in that region. They liked the new website so much we got the opportunity to completely overhaul all their physical marketing materials as well!
  • dejana.com – New site design came out awesome, lead response generated from the site in November 2017 YOY is up about 40%!
  • rowleyagency.com – Taking a regional insurance agency’s digital communications to the next level.
  • northeastrehab.com – Completely transforming the content capabilities of one of the largest rehabilitation hospital networks in NH and MA.
  • weeksmedical.org – 3rd generation of their site, finally moved off Joomla to WordPress. Another stellar healthcare website from the group who does it best.
  • nashuacc.edu – Whole new design and career coach addition to layout. More dramatic media and content and some clever integrations with their new career coach service to make all that information much more dynamic and easier to support.
  • naturalmedicinenh.com – Whole new design, much cleaner, improving site usability and conversion rates, especially on mobile devices.
  • livevegansmart.com – Awesome custom subscription landing page development and implementation using WooCommerce Subscriptions.
  • dogwatchcafe.com – Whole new WooCommerce shop launched this year with their brand new WordPress website.
  • thecurticegroup.com – Brand new WordPress website design with very cool custom projects post type and landing page tool that is generating regular high quality leads for their business.
  • aeroastery.com – Local NH Coffee shop and producers brand new WooCommerce shop converted over from Magento improved site load time by 75% (down to 2.1 seconds from 8.6 seconds).

Team Certifications & Partnerships Achieved in 2017

  • Silver SharpSpring Certification
  • Google & Bing Certifications
  • Advanced Agency Partner with WP Engine
  • Gold Level WooExperts

Black Friday / Cyber Monday Revenue Comparisons 2016 vs. 2017

  • Hyo Silver – Increase of 31%
  • Douglas Cuddle Toys – Increase of 105%
  • Annalee Dolls – Increase of 5%
  • Upton Bass – Increase of 65%
  • Orsden – Increase of 315%

Annual Revenue Growth Comparisons 2016 vs. 2017

  • Hyo Silver – 31% Growth YOY
  • Douglas Cuddle Toys – 46% Growth YOY
  • Annalee Dolls – 17% Growth YOY

Lots of exciting things coming up already for 2018!

  • Monarch Instruments Online Marketing Program
  • Mike’s Organic Delivery Website Redesign & Relaunch
  • Training Leader WooCommerce Site Launch
  • Boardsource WooCommerce Membership Site Launch
  • Union Sportsmen Alliance WooCommerce Membership Site Launch
  • Pilot Workshops Website Redesign & Relaunch with WooCommerce & Memberships
  • Shadow Trader Website Redesign & Relaunch
  • Bari Life Website Upgrades & Improvements
  • Aspenti Health Marketing Automation Program
  • Monadnock Community Hospital Redesign & Relaunch
  • BridePower Website Rebuild & Relaunch

Phew! We have a lot going on already this year with more coming down the pipeline still. There is going to be a lot of continued excitement and growth around WooCommerce and how our team continues to push the envelope with their software every day. Our team will also continue to grow their marketing and design skills as we continue to push forward with more new SharpSpring marketing automation programs in 2018. More leads, more sales, more revenue, more success that’s what we are all about here at FirstTracks Marketing. Hope your 2018 is off to a great start we look forward to sharing more of our work soon!

If you are looking to work with one of the most talented teams around on your next marketing and design project please give us a call at 603-924-1978 or fill out our short request form, we can’t wait to meet you!

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