Where Does Your Digital Footprint Go?

I still run up against a deep misunderstanding of how the web can truly impact sales. I’m not talking about a graphically pleasing website or an easy check out system. I mean, how does one’s participation in digital marketing make the phone ring? Here’s a true story. Follow me here.

So I’m doing some research online searching around in an industry that my agency may want to target. I like to read company blogs as it gives me a better insight into their care abouts and focus (sometimes) and I come upon a post that this company has decided to re-post from somewhere else because it has relevance and sometimes it’s just easier to paste someone’s post rather than post your own. It’s OK to paste once in awhile (not too often) if you give credit and it’s meaningful to your target audience. The pasted post (following me here?) was from a company that was a direct competitor of a new client we are just getting to know.

So, as I explain to our new client (that we are just getting to know) where a digital footprint can go, I tell them this story about a blog post from a competitor of theirs that was showing up in the digital footprint of a completely different industry and was being exposed to that company’s digital footprint where maybe, just maybe there is customer who reads the post and thinks, “Hey, this company sounds interesting let me check them out.” The lead seed is planted. Can it grow to a phone call and appointment and a handshake? Certainly has that potential. BUT what is a true certainty is that if their competitor’s blog post was never written it never would have found an audience, a phone call, appointment and the coveted handshake.

Now knowing what to write, that starts with a tight brand plan and a strategy that is REALLY thought out. At FirstTracks we start with the plan (the hardest part actually) and then guide you through the tactics so it all fits and flows. Give us a call at 603-924-1978 or fill out our form and let’s look at your digital footprint and where it can go.

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