Brand Strategy In Action

The most direct email headline ever…

“Don’t Buy” and this was on Cyber Monday from a consumer products company in the height of the buying palooza frenzy that drives the US and world economies. What was Patagonia doing? Why weren’t they pushing deals and enticing me to buy, buy, buy. Isn’t that want everyone expects?

Meaningful Brand Strategy in action.

Patagonia is a company that has their brand strategy mojo firing on all eight. They’re focused on what their customers want and what’s meaningful to them. We care about this planet of ours, we know you do too and because we’re in this together we should work together, acknowledge our responsibilities and impact. Patagonia cares about our planet. Period. It guides everything they do; their products, their operations, their initiatives, their suppliers, their messages, emails, posts and Tweets. Lot’s more tactics out there than 20 years ago but the strategy as defined by Yvon Chouinard, the founder, is still in place today. Just more ways to touch those who care.

People Buy Stuff

Yes, we all buy stuff and will continue to do so BUT from whom we buy is the meat. Patagonia knows that being responsible means consuming less. BUT, if you’re going to buy what you truly need, you’re better off buying from Patagonia because…We care about our planet. We live it. We breath it and it shows in everything we do.

Common Treads Initiative

This is a meaningful action their customers care about that’s built on their brand strategy. They call it a “partnership with our customers.” “Don’t Buy What you Don’t Need. Fix Stuff That Still Has Life In It, Share Stuff and When ALL of These Are Exhausted Then Recycle. Talk about meaningful content.


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