WordPress Child Theme Set Up & Use

Today, I (Matthew Nelson – Interactive Media Director here at FirstTracks Marketing Group) will be giving a presentation at NEAUG (stands for New England Adobe Users Group) on how to set up and use Child Themes for WordPress. My talk will include details on how and why you should be using child themes to build and manage your custom WordPress websites if you are basing your new site design on a preexisting theme and or framework.

What the heck is a WordPress Child Theme?

Child themes are VERY powerful tools that allow you to change ANYTHING you want within your selected theme without touching any of the original theme source code. This means that when updates become available you are able to update your core theme and lose none of the customization work you have done. This is a much more efficient way to not only manage your site updates but also take advantage of the updates that your theme provider may be working so that your site can grow and extend as the community using your platform does.

You can download a short PDF here that had all the key points, notes and resources from my talk today if you are interested.

Good luck with your child themes! And if you aren’t interested in doing this yourself, remember you can always give me a call over at FirstTracks at 603-924-1978 or fill out our website development request form and we can help you get started with your new website anytime!

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