More New WordPress / WooCommerce e-commerce Websites Launched!

Our Developers and Designers Have Been Busy!

The FirstTracks team just launched three exciting new WordPress / WooCommerce websites. Our team recently helped two new businesses get off the ground, plus we overhauled a long-standing New Hampshire country store that has been in business for 150 years! Checkout some of the highlights from each of the projects below:

HempX WordPress and WooCommerce Website


HempX is more than just CBD; it’s a lifestyle. The company takes pride in its exclusive Vermont hemp farm, where they have specifically selected genetics to ensure the safest and highest quality CBD extracts for their customers. All HempX CBD products are manufactured and packaged here in New England. HempX want its customers to have faith in the fact that they have grown, seen, and handled their materials and products throughout the entire process from seed to sale. The FirstTracks team designed and built the brand new HempX WordPress / WooCommerce website. We then worked with the HempX team to set up their wholesale and affiliate programs in addition to their content strategy, search engine optimization, and marketing automations using Klaviyo. If you are looking for some great options for pain relief and relaxation we definitely recommend the SOOTHE CBD Roll-On Salve. It works awesome!

NoPigNeva WordPress and WooCommerce Website


NoPigNeva came to FirstTracks looking to get its website buttoned up and live. The vegan grocery company was having trouble with its developers. The site being built just wasn’t looking and working the way the NoPigNeva team wanted it to. The FirstTracks team did a comprehensive review of the site being built and ultimately recommended that it be abandoned in favor of something cleaner, easier to work with, and, more importantly, grow and manage. We did a reskin of a WordPress Astra theme combined with Elementor Pro to create a site that met the NoPigNeva branding and design requirements while not destroying the company’s bank account. As a new business just starting out, funds were tight and time was of the essence. FirstTracks was able to completely redesign and rebuild the NoPigNeva site, import all the products, set up a new membership system, develop a content strategy, launch Google and Facebook ads, and set up and integrate email marketing automations using Klaviyo all within the span of about 45 days! If you are looking for some great new vegan food options do some shopping over at NoPigNeva!

Calefs Country Store WordPress and WooCommerce website

Calef’s Country Store

There’s not another old-fashioned country store like Calef’s Country Store. The store has been in business for 150 years and is steeped in New England heritage and charm. The FirstTracks team knew we had to make sure the look, feel, and tradition that makes Calef’s special and unique was on point. We worked closely with the crew at Calef’s to ensure that its rich history would shine through all aspects of a website redesign. This project was a system conversion from an old .net shopping cart over to WordPress and WooCommerce. This system shift presented a technical challenge of migrating over all the customer and order legacy data. Our expert developers handled the migration with no problem. The team at Calef’s is thrilled with the new site design and system build. They now have complete control over everything on their website now. We also helped convert Calef’s email marketing systems to Klaviyo and launched some new email automations for its abandoned cart and new customer welcome flows. We are excited to see how Calef’s continues to grow and expand its online presence. Also, we highly recommend the Calef’s Rat Trap cheese. It’s fantastic!

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