Custom Development: The Missing Link Between WooCommerce and Marketing

If you run a successful WooCommerce store, you’re likely always thinking about new ideas for marketing campaigns. And in an ideal world, you would want these marketing campaigns to be highly targeted. Perhaps you’ve found yourself wondering, “can I send an email to people whose WooCommerce subscription has ended more than 1 month ago and who haven’t started a new subscription since?” Or, “how can I let someone know when their WooCommerce membership is ending and their payment method has expired?”

Many off-the-shelf marketing platforms and tools will get you part of the way, but integrating data from certain specialized plugins or third-party services into your marketing efforts will often run into a brick wall because their data isn’t readily pushed into, say, Mailchimp or Klaviyo. This is where our development team at FirstTracks Marketing can help.

Case Study: Bari Life Autoship

One of the specialized plugins we’ve helped deploy for a client is Autoship. This plugin is similar to WooCommerce Subscriptions, but it allows customers to select which products they want to receive and on what schedule, skipping or rescheduling a shipment as needed. There’s a lot of valuable data here, and many potential marketing opportunities spring to mind. Offering a discount on product X when someone adds product Y to their schedule? Sending an email to everyone who cancels their subscription with a survey? Alerting existing customers with schedules when a new product is available on Autoship? All of these and more were considered, but they would only be possible if Klaviyo, Bari Life’s marketing platform of choice (and FirstTracks’ too), had the necessary data about Autoship schedules.

Unfortunately, there was no out-of-the-box integration between Autoship and Klaviyo. That’s where the development team here at FirstTracks jumped in. Both Autoship and Klaviyo have APIs (short for Application Programming Interface). An API allows developers to grab any data they want from a platform via code, and also insert any new data.

So in this case, we wrote code that would retrieve comprehensive schedule information from Autoship and then push it into Klaviyo on an hourly basis. This way, Klaviyo would always know who had an active schedule, how frequently it would ship, and what items were contained in it.

Klaviyo Custom Metrics
Autoship Schedule Custom Data Feed

Our marketing team was now able to target customers who had certain items in their schedule, target emails based on start or next renewal date, or target customers who had an active schedule for longer than a given period of time. This has given us fantastic opportunities to interact with Bari Life’s customers in more intelligent and helpful ways.

Ready to take your marketing systems to the next level?

If you’re looking to bring a new plugin or tool on board, especially ones hosted externally, we highly recommend making sure it has an API so your data isn’t “locked up”. And when you’re ready to use it for marketing to take your store to the next level, reach out to the development team at FirstTracks Marketing to build that missing link! You can fill out this short form or give us a call at 603-924-1978 anytime, we look forward to meeting you and learning more about your business needs.

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