FirstTracks Marketing Group Now Accepts Online Payment!

With the help of a new extension developed for the Stripe Payment Gateway that works with Gravity Forms, FirstTracks can now process online payment with all major credit cards for any of our services. This is an exciting addition to the FirstTracks website as it opens the door for current and future clients to pay any way they like. If you have a credit card and you receive points and rewards, use it to pay for your printing, designs projects, next batch of website updates or a whole new website!

How our online payment works:

For all of our clients’ WordPress website projects that require online forms (which is all of them) we use a fantastic WordPress plugin called Gravity Forms. Gravity Forms allows for the creation of quick basic forms, but is also powerful enough to handle long dynamic multi step forms as well. Until recently the only payment gateway integration options for Gravity Forms was (a pain to set up), PayPal Standard (cheap but not a seamless transaction) and PayPal Pro (an expensive monthly cost). We discovered a recently released extension that allows the integration of Gravity Forms with the Stripe payment gateway,  providing a safe and secure online payment right on our website.

What’s the big deal about Stripe?

The Stripe Online Payment Gateway is by far one of the best user interface tools I have ever seen. It’s very simple to set up when using a basic form implementation AND the real kicker… you only pay a fee to use it when you actually process a transaction even if you are doing seamless on-site transactions! No monthly fees, no account sign up cost, just flat processing rates whenever purchases are made. If you are going to do seamless online transactions you will need an SSL (secure server layer) certificate and you will need your website form/shopping cart properly locked down to use the SSL certificate, but beyond that, it could not be simpler.

Want to start processing online payment on your website?

Whether you are a non-profit organization looking for a simple donation form, a B2B organization wanting to process direct sales leads from your website or a full-blown online shop, the Stripe Online Payment gateway has what you need to make your transactions run smoothly and for less money per transaction. If you are interested in learning more about integrating online bill payment into your website, please give us a call at 603-924-1978 or fill out our website development request form, we look forward to helping you take your online payment processing power to the next level.

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