Is the Printed Newsletter Dead?

Is the Printed Newsletter Dead?

NewsletterIn the ever-expanding world of digital media, the printed paper can be seen as “old-school” and irrelevant. But is there a time and place for this old standby? Can there still be a case made for the printed word?

In an article by Dale W. Hutchings, found on the site, Dale makes some great points for keeping the newsletter around as a way to spread the word. This is an excerpt from the article that shows that printed newsletters are still an effective and viable option:

[quote]According to a recent study by ContentWise, formerly Publications Management — a national, leading monthly newsletter that covers how best to create, produce and deliver an organization’s message — printed newsletters are still the preferred publishing medium for 40% of those targeted by the corporate world. This was validated in yet another study by Northeastern University for Standard & Poor’s Financial Communications. They surveyed 4,000 clients of mutual companies, brokerages, banks, insurance companies and retirement plan providers and got these results: 33% of respondents favored a print newsletter compared to just 21% preferring an e-mail version, with another 41% wishing to receive both.[/quote]

FirstTracks writes, designs, and prints newsletters.

FirstTracks newsletters have a robust circulation, are well received and read. For the reader that tends to be on the 40-plus age demographic, many  don’t subscribe to e-newsletters, blogs, Facebook or Twitter. They tend to get their information the old-fashioned way, newspapers, newspaper advertisements, and yes, even newsletters. This group is large. Our newsletters are mailed and many times distributed as newspaper supplements, which saves money on postage. They also are distributed within the offices and waiting rooms.

What does this all mean to you?

It means that a well-designed, informative newsletter can still help your business, or organization communicate effectively. The key issue to identify in any communication plan is, who do you want reading this and HOW DO THEY WANT TO RECEIVE THEIR INFORMATION. There is no such thing as one size fits all. Diversify delivery options based upon your audience needs, wants and desires and you’ll have a more successful result. A well designed newsletter may very well be a very effective fit. We can help.

If you’re ready to start a new newsletter or improve an existing newsletter, start out on the right foot and call us at 603-924-1978, or fill out our short request form.

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