Does Your Annual Report Deliver the Goods?

Annual reports have evolved over the years. FirstTracks has become an expert in this evolution. We just added another Lamplighter Gold Award for outstanding publication.

Our recent Lamplighter Gold Award winner, titled Looking Forward with Enhanced Vision, was created for Weeks Medical Center in Lancaster, NH. The report served as a follow-up to the previous years’ 20-year retrospective annual report (a Lamplighter Silver Award winner). The Lamplighters are presented annually by NESHCo, the New England Society for Healthcare Communication. The awards recognize the “best of the best” in healthcare communication.

The goal of the new report was to create a subtle introduction to patients, staff, and the community about the upcoming changes and improvements under the new leadership of hospital president Mike Lee. It also showcased the past year’s successes. The report served as a positive, informative, and important reminder to the positive changes taking place at this 25-bed acute care hospital located in the North Country of New Hampshire.

This report did much more than provide financials to the community. It also presented an engaging overview of the hospital that will assist in recruitment, philanthropic, and community efforts.

Over the past five years, FirstTracks has won five Lamplighter Awards:

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