FirstTracks at the Vermont Web Marketing Summit

VT Web Marketing Summit 2023

There’s nothing like a crisp autumn day in Vermont.

It only gets better when you combine it with the insightful presentations and lively discussions found at the Vermont Web Marketing Summit. The FirstTracks team headed to Burlington on October 19, 2023 to soak up the fall scenery and delve deep into the knowledge shared at the event. 

Matt Nelson and Lou Waryncia attend the VT Web Marketing Summit 2023

The summit boasted a diverse assortment of presenters representing a variety of companies and marketing agencies, both large and small. The summit’s goal was to offer insight into current marketing trends and how to plan for the future. What truly set this event apart was its intimate size, hosted in the exquisite Hula Center, nestled along the shores of Lake Champlain. This unique setting afforded attendees the rare opportunity to engage directly with presenters, fostering meaningful exchanges and idea-sharing in a group setting.

A robust opening session titled “Dynamics of Brand Growth within Current Marketing Ecosystems” featured speakers from three distinctly different organizations: Jan White-Joyal, global e-commerce manager of Ben & Jerry’s; Tim Allen, director of brand at UVM Health Network, and Sarah Thompson, vice president of marketing at Danforth Pewter. Each spoke on ways to better attract an audience and keep it engaged, all while driving growth. What was particularly noteworthy was how these diverse perspectives showcased the striking similarities in their approaches to brand growth and marketing philosophies.

One of the most electrifying sessions was a presentation on the Role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Content Marketing. Summit organizer Bibi Mikherjee, principal of Curve Trends Marketing, provided a comprehensive overview on the almost-overnight rise of AI and how it has emerged as a critical component of digital marketing. The ensuing discussion delved into various AI platforms, the ethical considerations of employing AI for marketing tactics, and the potential impact AI will have on the fundamental principles of digital marketing.    

There were several other enlightening breakout sessions: 

Tom Funk, the e-commerce director at Ann Clark Baking, spoke on how to successfully partner with Amazon as a pivotal aspect of your company’s digital strategy. 

Shawn Christianson, the director of marketing for Gardener’s Supply Company, explored the challenges of crafting an omnichannel strategy for his company’s catalog, storefront, and online marketplaces in order to give customers a seamless experience.  

Alex Tursi, the founder of Cultivate, a social media and digital marketing firm, used our current obsession with Taylor Swift to showcase how you can best use influencers, from company employees to everyday people to celebrities, to engage your audience online and expand your brand, product, or company. 

Additional sessions included: 

Sustainable Growth Planning: Why Your Mission and Brand Ethos Matter 

Optimizing User Experience: Usability, Navigation, and Interface in Web Design 

Analytics & GA4 Configuration Challengers and Strategies

Overall it was a jam-packed day full of invaluable information and educational opportunites provided by industry experts as well as a roundtable for marketing professionals to exchange ideas and learn from each other. The collective experience left all participants with a lot to think about in naviagating the ever-changing digital marketing landscape. 

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