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6 Email Automations You Need to Generate Passive Income

“Passive Income” is one of the hottest buzzwords these days. We all love the idea of making money without doing any work. Of course, nothing is ever truly free, but email automations are one of the best bangs for your buck in e-commerce. 

The idea is simple: if you integrate your e-commerce store with an automation platform like Klaviyo, you can create an email series that will trigger when a customer interacts with your store. These automations will continue to generate money in the background while you do everything else your business needs. 

Here are six email automations to start getting the passive income rolling in. 

1. Welcome Series

The first sale is always the hardest. If a customer is unfamiliar with your products, they can be hesitant to make that first purchase. But, every good salesperson knows that the right incentive can persuade a customer to buy, and e-commerce is no different. 

A Welcome Series email automation serves three roles:

  1. To encourage a customer to make their first purchase
  2. To introduce them to your company or brand
  3. To capture their contact information so you can continue to market to them in the future 

To set one up, you first need to create a pop-up on your website with an enticing offer a customer can claim in exchange for their email address. For example, “Save 15% on Your First Order!” Once they submit their email address, the automation will trigger, and they will receive an email with the discount code and information about your company. Now that you have their email address, you can continue to market to this customer with email campaigns promoting sales, events and specials.

2. Abandoned Cart

When shopping online, we’ve all added items to our cart and then forgotten to complete the order. Maybe we got distracted. Maybe we weren’t sure if we should pull the trigger. Whatever the reason, we left the items waiting in limbo. Today current industry averages cite that abandoned carts happen about 70% of the time on average regardless of what you are selling.

With your integrated Klaviyo email platform, you can set up an email series to trigger if a shopper has left items in their cart. The emails will even pull in their items and link back directly to their cart.

If you want to give your customer an extra incentive, you can add a special discount code to the final email. Abandoned Cart automations are a proven tool to recapture lost revenue and close the sale with forgetful or reluctant shoppers.

3. Browse Abandonment

A Browse Abandonment automation is much like an Abandoned Cart, but it happens earlier in a customer’s journey. Whereas an Abandoned Cart will trigger only after someone initiates a checkout, a Browse Abandonment will launch when a customer views a product on your website.

There are a few requirements for a Browse Abandonment series: a customer must have already consented to email marketing, be logged in to an account and have cookies enabled. However, this means the automation will be targeting your most engaged customers already. These customers are more likely to buy from your store, so the email series may be just the nudge they need.

Replenishments, Cross Sells and Winbacks

Congrats! You’ve successfully enticed a customer to submit their first order with your Welcome Discount. Now, the challenge is to get them to buy from you again. There are a few different options you can deploy depending on the products you sell and your customer’s journey. 

4. Replenishments 

Replenishment automations are great if you sell consumable products or items that need to be frequently replaced. You can create flows for individual products and time them to send when your customer needs a reminder to stock up. 

5. Cross sells 

If you sell a variety of different products, cross sell automations can introduce customers to similar products they may not have on their radar. For example, if you run an apparel store, and a customer buys a piece of clothing, you can send an email featuring accessories other customers frequently purchase alongside it.  

6. Winbacks 

A Winback automation is a way to re-engage with customers who have fallen away. These automations are triggered if a customer has not purchased from you for several months. They remind customers about your products, showcase new items and can even offer a discount to bring them back. 

Ready to set up your first email automation?

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