Customer Service, Find the Emotion.

Customer Service - Find the EmotionThe Temkin Group just published its list of top customer service companies based on a Functional, Accessible and Emotional criteria. Amazon came out on top and interestingly Apple came out 79th! The industry is a buzzin with comments. How can a company that hardly ever creates a live body/voice contact experience be numero uno? Don’t we all associate great customer service with live human interaction? One post I read asked “Where’s the emotion in Amazon? You don’t even speak to anyone”.

So does Amazon deserve their head of the class ranking. Yes, Yes and Yes again. Easy to spot the function win. I search, I find, I order, it arrives. No one does this better. Accessible? I can order thousands of things from virtually anywhere on the planet and have it delivered. Accessible? Yup. Now for the Emotion or the meaningful.

What’s meaningful?

  • Living up to expectations.
  • Saving me the most valuable….Time
  • Value…I FEEL I’m getting a fair price
  • Meaningful suggestions of related products
  • It just plain works.

It is an emotional high when someone really gets it right. And I’m going to tell someone about it!

At our company we search for the emotional. Give us a call 603-924-1978 or contact us. We can help you find yours.

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