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looking-outA hospital’s view from the inside looking out can be very different than the community’s view in.  A hospital sees itself providing essential health services and so much more. Millions of $ in free care, free programs for seniors, teens, kids, moms etc etc. What about the economic impact on a community? Taxes, local vendor purchasing, employment, the list is long and varied. Hospitals have their view and sometimes that view is not necessarily aligned with their customers. Yes, patients are customers. Talking a walk, roll or shuffle in their shoes can be an eye opener. Undercover medical staffer?! 

So what does the community think?

Hmmm…. may want to take some time and resources to find out. It may not be what you think or it may be what you fear. Medical services is a competitive business and the marketing rules of the road certainly apply. More than ever, people have choices and are doing their homework. Here are some basics that FirstTracks Marketing Group applies when working with our hospital clients.

View Alignment:

  • Who do you want talking about you?
  • What do you want them to be saying?

Want to know what people think. Ask!

Who is your market and what are they saying? Taking the time and resources to do your research will help you understand the view from your community and help align your hospital marketing strategy. With focused knowledge the ball can really get rolling. We we like to stick to the basics before any of the creative stuff gets going. We help you build a solid marketing foundation with the view alignment in place. Then we get creative.

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