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What's the right mix of marketing for your business? FirstTracks can help you put together and execute a plan to grow your business.

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What’s the Right Mix for My Business?

The short answer is “we don’t know”— until we meet with you and break down what your goals and objectives are. What kind of business do you run? Are you looking to generate leads or direct sell product or are you online and/or brick and mortar? We need to get to know you and your business. Then we can help you define your targets and develop the best mix of tools and services to maximize the reach to your audience.


Online AdvertisingThere are many places where you can advertise these days—Google, Bing, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram to name a few. Within each of those there are different kinds of advertising like display, remarketing, product listing ads, and text ads sponsored content. But what is the best mix for your business? There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. It takes careful planning, research, and analysis to properly determine what channel, targeting, and budget mix will produce the maximum return on investment for you. That’s where the experts at FirstTracks Marketing come in. We can help you sort through all of these options and make sure none of your precious budget is wasted.



Marketing ContentHow do your website pages convert? Are you missing sales and leads because the key touch points of your site aren’t up to scratch? The FirstTracks marketing team has traditional lead generation and direct e-commerce conversion experience. One of the most important factors in that equation is your content. We have a time-tested and proven approach for evaluating and improving your website content so that it will convert better. It all starts with data analysis and getting to know your business and who your customers are and what’s important to them. We then combine that information with content analysis and comparisons with your main competition to discover both your biggest challenges and opportunities within your market space. Using specialized tools such SpyFu and WooRank makes it easy for us to see what’s going on and also track and evaluate measured improvement efforts going forward.


Media / Promotions

Social Media MarketingSocial media and promotions can be powerful tools in your marketing mix. But there is a lot of rapidly changing technology behind these tools that makes them difficult for the casual user or overloaded business owner to take advantage of and fully grasp. The FirstTracks Marketing team can help you make sense of all the options and provide guidance and support to where and to what level it makes sense to engage and build community in these spaces. Social media is a powerful component to any marketing plan when used effectively. You can aggressively build good will, grow your email lists, generate high quality engagement, and ultimately increase sales and leads. The key is knowing how to best target the right people at the right time and for the right reasons. We can help you get there and thrive.


Email / Automations

Email Marketing ServicesYour email list is critical to your organization’s growth. Wether you are direct selling product or do more traditional lead generation work, your email list should be an ever-growing list of people who are most interested in your brand. We can help you integrate the platform of your choice with your website and help you develop a content and send strategy that fits your products, services, and target audience. Our email marketing platforms of choice include MailChimp or SharpSpring and we are certified experts in both of them. If you are looking for a more comprehensive, dynamic content delivery system. The people on your email communication lists should be your most interested parties and best customers. It’s time to start doing more right by them with your emails.


Managing & Growing Your Marketing Program

It takes a lot of horsepower and expertise to manage all the technology behind your online marketing. We recognize you are very busy running your business and dealing with your growth. That’s why the FirstTracks Marketing team is here to help you run, manage, optimize, report, and continue to build your success online. It takes a village to do this well and we can’t wait to partner with you.

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