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PPC Marketing Services

PPC Marketing Services

Cost Controlled Online Marketing

One of the best ways your organization or business can use targeted online marketing is with Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing. Online marketers of products and services use this tactic to track to the penny their marketing spend. PPC marketing allows you test copy, offer, and landing pages so you can maximize your online ROI. Our expertise and experience can help you get started in PPC with set-up and training, or we can run your PPC campaign for you.

Step 1: Review and Benchmark Your Current Programs

If you are currently running your own PPC campaigns, our review starts by reviewing the past 6-12 months of the campaigns. We’ll analyze impressions, clicks, average cost per click, number of leads, cost per lead, and conversion rates. Part of this review involves evaluating your ad copy, targeting, and PPC landing pages. We will make recommendations for improvements and discuss your testing strategy, bid levels, keyword groups, and landing pages.

Step 2: Analyze Keyword Phrases

There is a wealth of information available about which keyword phrases are in high demand (i.e., many people are searching on particular keyword phrases) and which ones have a low competition (i.e., keyword phrases bid by fewer websites or at lower bid levels). Once we determine the best keyword phrases to start testing, we create a campaign strategy to achieve the highest click-through traffic at the lowest possible cost. The goal is to maximize your marketing investment.

Step 3: PPC Landing Page Review and or Creation

With PPC marketing there are many moving parts to get quality leads at the lowest possible cost. This is where adjustments to your PPC landing pages pay off. Most PPC campaigns drop people on the home page. This is a missed opportunity for fine-tuning website copy to match ad copy and the call-to-action promise made in the PPC ad. We will design several landing pages, each geared with specific copy. We optimize your PPC landing pages using a rapid conversion landing page approach to focus the PPC click-through visitor to the goal—making a phone call, signing-up for more information, or placing an online order.

Step 4: Always be Testing

Next we look at the testing strategy being used. If a strategy doesn’t exist, we will put one in place for you. The standard practice in direct mail of employing A/B tests (e.g., as targeting list, copy, price, offer), and then a rollout of the winner is alive and well with PPC marketing. We will always run a control ad or control landing page (i.e., the winner of past campaigns tests) against a test ad or test landing page (i.e., the new ad or landing page trying to win against the control during a particular time frame). We review the test and determine whether it has run long enough for a clear winner. The key is to continually test to improve results.

Step 5: Review Results Frequently

As part of the PPC management process, we track each day’s conversions, bid levels, overall budget, and test ads. We’ll adjust, test and control ads throughout the month, bid levels, and keyword adjustments. Each month we review the status of campaigns and conversions with your team. We’ll make recommendations to continually improve your results.

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