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Email Marketing

Email marketing should be a core of your online marketing efforts especially if you are an eCommerce shop.

Improve your email marketing efforts with help from FirstTracks Marketing. We look at your brand and goals when crafting an email marketing plan. It should be simple and straightforward and something which you can easily maintain yourself. Here are a few of the email marketing options you have when working with us:

  • FirstTracks Marketing is an official MailChimp PartnerEmail contact strategy: We’ll work closely with your marketing team to develop a strategy that works for your desired goals. K.I.S.S. is our mantra.
  • Design of email template: Whether you have a simple text-based with logo design in mind, or you need  a more involved heavy content template, we can help! Let us create a template using our preferred email system. This lets you easily add photos, text, and graphics yourself. Plus, the design is guaranteed to look just as good on mobile devices.
  • Content creation training and email deployment consulting: Half the battle is coming up with the editorial and/or marketing ideas for your content. With our help, we can brainstorm on an editorial calendar where you can plan your deployments out as far as you would like or makes sense for your business. Take advantage of our experience with email deployment. We’ll teach you the basics so you can do it yourself, or if you prefer, we can manage this for you.
  • Metric reporting and feedback meetings: There’s much to be gleaned from simple campaign reports. Email marketing makes it easy to always be testing. So reviewing monthly (or weekly) on what worked and what didn’t work helps your next campaign be that much better.
  • List sign-up integration: We can integrate email list sign-ups into your website, along with special interest options which lets your future campaigns be more targeted.
  • Automation campaigns for hands off email marketing: One of the best “set it and forget it” tactics we use for our clients is the many email automation features now available from MailChimp. We create the template once, you publish blog/article content as frequently as you want. We then set-up an ongoing, say monthly, campaign which sends out digests of your blogs/articles. With this technique you are able to send relevant, expected, and timely content to your audience. What better way to get your message across quickly and easily! These techniques can also apply to things like abandoned cart emails for ecommerce stores or automated emails to customers who purchase certain products or spend to a certain threshold amount of money.

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