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NH Healthcare Movie IconIf a picture tells a thousand words, how do you quantify a video presentation?

FirstTracks Marketing Group was asked by Monadnock Healthy Teeth to Toes (a program developed at Monadnock Community Hospital in Peterborough, NH that educates children in healthy oral hygiene and nutrition practices) to create a short video loop.

The video, slated to run at its’ annual breakfast meeting, needed to be colorful, visually appealing and had to tell a story—in images, not words. Images from various program events at area schools and at the Hospital, as well as newsletters, logos, the program’s van (whose graphics were created by FirstTracks Creative Director, Bob Dukette), and children’s artwork were all featured in the video.

Bob Dukette then assembled all of the images and scanned original artwork—thank-you notes that the children had drawn—then viewed the hundred or so images with the client in Adobe Bridge, selecting photos and images that would appear in the final presentation. The presentation was built in Apple’s iMovie where images were cropped and transitional effects were added to create a friendly, easy-to-view presentation, then finalized and burned to DVD. You can view the fun fruits of Bob’s labor below, tell us what you think of the presentation:

Videos are just one of the many tools that your organization can use to help educate clients and prospects. Learn more about out how to improve your brand, increase sales, and market your products or services, fill out our request form or call FirstTracks Marketing Group at 603-924-1978.

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