Assisted Living Facilities: Find your Voice

For assisted living homes, independent living facilities and nursing homes, effectively marketing your business can be difficult. When reliance on word-of-mouth is all you’ve got the stream of potential residents can run dry quickly. Granted, having people out there recommending your facility is fabulous but is that enough? How do you influence the “deciders” and keep those rooms filled? How about a “voice audit” where you actually stand back and listen to what you are saying and move to the other side of the table with your ears open and you minds in empathy mode.

Do a Voice Audit

  • What am I really saying to my target audience? Be honest!
  • Is my message meaningful i.e. addressing THEIR  interests? It’s not about YOU!
  • Are my messages immediately clear? To my prospects, not me.
  • Do I assume my target knows what they need?

What are the REAL challenges for Assisted Living Facilities?

At FirstTacks Marketing Group we work with many senior living facilities and we know that this is not an easy market. Seniors don’t want to move. Children of seniors don’t want to face the issue. The market is filled with misconceptions. What facility is needed, how much does it cost, what care is really needed, who pays and even some simple ones like can Mom bring her cat, the list goes on and on. Many times decisions are made because of a crisis i.e. Mom has fallen and cannot live in her house and she has to move NOW. This is the absolute worst time for families to be making critical decisions. Your potential residents and their families are in PANIC MODE and that’s tough on you too.

What to do?

  • Head ’em off at the pass. Make your facility truly visible to your target before they need you.
  • Create MEANINGFUL messages.
  • Communicate where your target is. Who really is that target, the potential resident or their children?
  • Be honest about what these families are facing.
  • Develop a strategy, invest in it and stick to it.

We can help your Assisted Living Facility Marketing.

We know your market and we understand your challenges. It’s not just about spending money. It’s about targeting your market with appropriate tools and a focused strategy. It may be a new more effective Website, an integrated Social Media Plan or a Direct Mail Newsletter. Every facility is different and the strategies and tactics needed to accomplish your goals may be different but what you do need is a partner that really understand your business. We listen and we really can help. Call us 603-924-1978 or fill out our short work request form.

2 thoughts on “Assisted Living Facilities: Find your Voice

  1. Great post! This is such a sensitive marketing challenge and it seems you really get it. Not all web companies are as atuned to the target as you guys are. It may be the web, but it’s still people using it.

  2. Gefällt mir, die Seite. Gibts hier keinen Facebook Button? Oder habe ich schon wieder Tomaten auf den Augen?

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