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Pulse Screen GraphicRecently one of our long-time clients (Monadnock Community Hospital) contacted us about setting up an employee newsletter template for their health care organization. We advised MCH on the pros and cons of undertaking such a project, then called in one of our print vendors (SPC) to create an online portal that allowed our clients to create their own on-demand newsletter.

You’re probably thinking “these people at FirstTracks are working themselves right out of a chance to make some money on creative, production, and printing!”. Well, you’re partially correct, but what we are really doing is making our customer happy and successful at the same time, by thinking outside of the box and creating a solution to their problem.

We’ve had clients that have asked us to create templates in MS-Word, to produce internal newsletters. The problem with this scenario is that the template inevitably becomes a hodgepodge of fonts, colors, distorted photos, graphs, low resolution images, really tacky clip-art and who knows what else? MCH wanted a professional newsletter with a look and feel that would encourage employees to pick up, read, and become involved with. We even added a crossword puzzle feature—complete with clues and answers related to the hospital—for employees to do on their breaks.

FirstTracks designed a four page template in InDesign and sent it to SPC, where they created a web portal with customizable fields that allow our client to log into a secure portal and either directly enter text or cut and paste text from a Word file to create their own newsletter.

The portal allows the client to upload their images, crop, size and preview as the page is built. Pull-down menus allow them to change the colors of headlines from a predetermined color palette, and to work with the branding specified by FirstTracks. The client can generate online PDFs, download and distribute them internally for approvals. Once approved, the client goes to a pull down for quantity and shipping instruction. There’s even built-in client pricing!

This particular example may not meet the needs of most our clients, but it does demonstrate our genuine interest in the needs of our clients by finding unique solutions to their marketing needs.

We can create a solution for you too! Give us a call today at 603-924-1978 or fill out our online request form to find out how.

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