Bottom Line Results – Generating Leads & Performance Feedback That Matters

This past week I came across an article by Hubspot titled “Why I Fired My Marketing Agency” which turned out to be an interesting piece that details what you should NOT be looking for from your marketing agency. I think the quote from the article the resonated with me the most was:

“Three months later and a grand total of $70,000 poorer, it was time to say goodbye. The agency just never produced the results we cared about. And probably worse, they felt like they did but could never produce a report to prove it to us”.

This got me thinking about the work we do at FirstTracks and how we are different from many traditional marketing agencies. We do deliver results that our clients care about. Our process of working with our clients revolves around their business goals and needs. We take the time to understand their business and we work very closely with all of our clients to determine what the most successful measure of our engagement with our clients will be. All of our clients are different but in terms of how we go about achieving their particular goals it’s all about one thing, LEADS.

But producing leads simply isn’t enough

Generating Valuable Leads for your Business

We are always striving to produce QUALITY LEADS and we do this through a variety of strategic measurement tactics and regular monthly and sometimes even weekly reports. Our goal is to always be able to accurately measure our impact on your business and tell you exactly how we are producing your lead activity so we can continue to improve the programs we are running for you.

From high quality barn homes to HVAC service and installation, we can build a program for your business.

We work with companies in many different industries and have built lead generation programs for products priced from $100 to $250,000. Our process revolves completely around your P&L. We study your business, products, distribution and then help you determine the channels and methods that will be best suited to reach your market with measurable actions that we can refine over time. Our process and methodology has proven to be very successful for many of our clients, because we know all the numbers and we see exactly how much we are helping our clients business to grow each month, not just in visibility or community but in $$$. If you are interested in growing your business give us a call at 603-924-1978 or fill out our contact form.

5 thoughts on “Bottom Line Results – Generating Leads & Performance Feedback That Matters

  1. Hi Barry. Our process is simple. Figure out how many customers you need to attract based on the amount of product you want to sell and then apply the proper marketing channel mixture to deliver the right traffic and prospects to convert into quality leads for your business. We are currently running some extremely successful Pay Per Click advertising and landing page conversion/analysis programs for Yankee Barn Homes and Heritage Plumbing, Heating and Cooling. Two very different products and industries but both experiencing close rates approaching 50%! This is a time intensive process that requires weekly analysis, updates and optimization to ensure opportunities are being taken advantage of to their fullest extent. The best part is at the end of the month we can compile and report on EVERYTHING we produce in direct reference to the closed and potential business we provide each month. We have to earn your business every month by making your business more successful and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

  2. Thanks Matt. We like simple. What are the typical next steps we could take with your group to move forward on the process and results you describe?

  3. Hi Barry. Our starting process for creating a program for your business involves an in-depth business review of what your products are, what your revenue goals are, who your ideal prospects are and then that provides us with the figures and demographic information we need to develop a program proposal and budget range that will be need to achieve the revenue goals that you are looking to achieve. I will send you an email to see when you might want to schedule that call or meeting to discuss all those factors so we can get that program set up and outlined for you.

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