3 Quick Tips: Start Learning More About Your Hospital Online

Hospital Website Analytics Teaching ToolWe work with quite a few health care  organizations some of which are local hospitals in NH. One common theme I have noticed in my dealings with these hospitals is that they all are ignoring a massive wealth of information from the traffic their websites are gathering each and every month. I decided to put together this quick list of 3 key steps for getting you on the fast track to getting more information that will help you make more informed decisions about how and where to focus your content efforts in 2011.

Step 1: Decide what needs to be communicated with your community

The first step to any good data measurement program is to first establish a direction that you THINK will work best for your hospital or health care organization. You work there everyday. Speak to the people working there and talk to the clients/patients. I am sure you have some ideas about where you think you should be focusing your efforts from a content and communication prospective. This is the most important step in this process because without a focus to compare against data measurement is useless. So pick some key areas of focus that will be added/supported on your website.

Step 2: Create ways to actively measure your success

Once you have a content focus and direction in place for your website you need to create ways to measure the success of those decisions. How do you do that? All of our website clients are connected to Google Analytics and using that tracking package we can set up what are referred to as Goals. Basically what a goal does is it allows us to measure the amount of specific actions from within the website. For instance, if one of your plans for 2011 is to promote your birthing center classes and to allow registration online we would set up custom thank you pages that would appear after a successful registration and measure each one of those successful transactions as a completed goal. Over time this will help us to refine our marketing and traffic funnel as well as the purchasing process for each and every one of the classes.

Step 3: Make data review a regular task

If you aren’t checking your site you can’t possibly know what’s going on. Sounds really obvious right? You need to make it a weekly priority to check what’s happening with your website so you can begin to paint a more complete picture of how your visitors are using your site. One of the best things about website analytics is that it’s providing you direct feedback about your content EVERY DAY! When you run special new stories, or feature classes, or are simply looking to see how your general information and content performs in search engines, you can get that information.

Once you identify the areas on which you want to focus this activity becomes a VERY productive and useful tool. Now, on a week to week basis you can see where your content gaps are and take the appropriate action to improve them making your hospital a more successful online destination for your users and for search engines. The web is a constantly changing environment and if you aren’t actively supporting your hospital website with a regular content infusion you are probably being grossly ignored by all major search engines. Over time this is only going to get worse. Search engines (just like your visitors) care about new information and fresh content. They want to know that you are actively using your website.

Start getting more out of your online data today.

Don’t have a program in place to do everything mentioned above? Not enough staff? Not enough time? Not sure where to start, or worse yet, don’t have a website that allows you to easily access and manage all of this information? NO PROBLEM! FirstTracks Marketing Group specializes in developing simple easy to use websites using Joomla and WordPress allowing you to take control of your online space. We also do consulting work with hospitals and health care organizations to help them get started with the process.

Sometimes it’s as simple as a planning conversation or as much as developing a full blown content strategy plan. Give us a call at 603-924-1978 or fill out our project request form and tell us about your challenges. We’ll respond with ideas and options to help you with your hospital online strategies.

Happy Holidays from all of us here at FirstTracks Marketing Group! Wishing all NH Hospitals nothing but success in 2011!

3 thoughts on “3 Quick Tips: Start Learning More About Your Hospital Online

  1. Its important to choose a niche or target something which interests you so you can add personal experience and advice to your blogs content instead of writing about something that has no appeal to you whatsoever.

  2. Thanks for the comment Tawana. We are definitely making a hard push to focus in on the industries that we specialize in here at FirstTracks Marketing Group. Healthcare marketing in general (and in our case with Hospitals and Assisted Living Facilities) are just not generally aware of all the new technical ways they can be growing and learning from the live data that is all around them. This is definitely something we all enjoy and get excited about when we have the opportunity to partner with these organizations. We hope this also shines through on the content we choose to share in our writing here on the website. :)

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