WooCommerce Conference Day Two Afternoon Recap

WooCommerce Conference Day Two Afternoon Recap

Better later than never right? Here is a quick recap of notes from WooCommerce Conference 2016 Day 2 the afternoon sessions. Lots of great tidbits of information here, take a quick scan through we are sure you will walk away with at least a few a ha moments. And don’t worry we will be summarizing this all in one nice short and sweet blog post very soon. In the mean time enjoy!

Value Metrics for new stores – @Beka_Rice from SkyVerge

  • Conversion Rate is like a batting average for your store
  • New stores don’t have enough data points to measure enough to optimize your conversions
  • If you have less than 1k transactions per month, it’s probably too early for you to split-test. Your dataset has not reached data significance yet.
  • So what metric are important when you’re starting out? (that don’t rely on number of orders)
  • Average Order Value (AOV)
    • How to increase revenue:
      • Get more total customers (traffic)
      • Get existing customers to buy again
      • Convert existing visitors better (increase conversion rate)
      • Make more money on the order you get (increase AOV)
    • How to find AOV? (Sales by Date in analytics)
      • Total sales / total order = AOV (average order value)
      • Now you can best know how to:
        • Set free shipping thresholds
          • Offer discounts above AOV (see swwp.co/y)
  • Average Order Profit: (Total revenue – order costs) / total orders
  • Customer Acquisition Cost = total marketing spend / new customers
    • How to find new customers? Look at “new orders” (but also has repeat customers), OR install SkyVerge’s plugin that shows you report of new customers (compares billing emails)
  • Analysis Paralysis – you don’t have to track every single metric at once. Improve a few metrics, then move on to others.

Benefits of Multi-Channel Selling – @jakegasaway from Stitch Labs

  • 10% of ALL sales happen online (90% are still brick & mortar)
  • Shopping cart store + 1 other marketplace: 38% increase in sales
  • Shopping cart store + 2 other marketplaces: 120% increase in sales
  • Amazon has not taken over Google with where people to go search for shop
  • What to watch out for:
    • Order volume goes up in an added marketplace
    • Average order value goes down in an added marketplace
  • Where should I start?
    • Test, then strategize

How to Elevate Brands with their unique Voice – Kandace Brigleb

  • Your online presence either builds your brand or defines you as a commodity
  • How to get your authentic brand voice into your WooCommerce shop
  • Brand assets (look at what you already have images, videos, etc and get it on your site)
  • Use the Power of WordPress – to tell your story
  • Customize the experience to match your brand (language)
  • Trust your Gut – what feels right? You know your brand better than anyone else
  • People are loyal to brands, not products. Your website needs to be an articulation of your brand.

Using User Generated Content to Boost Sales – Shayla Price

  • Reviews, tweets, blog posts, social media, etc
  • 3 benefits of UGC: valuable feedback, brand advocacy, cost savings
  • Example: Go Pro – video of the day, asks customers to share videos and they share one each day on their site & youtube channel
  • Campaign planning:
    • Target people’s passions
    • Create a catchy hashtag (not long; easy to remember)
    • Promote heavily (on your email list, social media accounts, and website)
  • Invitational Emails: automatically send customers “would you like to reivew this product?” After they purchase
  • Path to Sales
    • Product Pages (put UGC right on the product page about that product)
    • Curated Content Hubs
    • Community Q&A Forums
  • User review discounts – plugin for WC that gives customers a discount coupon code after they complete a review

Stop Selling. Start Helping. – @matthew_j_white

  • Ie: free recipe with every purchase (added value!)
  • Try to see things from your customers’ perspectives: Would you rather be “helped” or be “sold”?
  • 85% of top websites, they are selling to you before they even get to know you.
  • Bottom line: just be useful to your customers.

Improving Customer Interactions – @WooMindy

  • When a customer talks to you, they want to be sure you’re listening
  • Store Owners: Ask for feedback (ie: surveys) Maximize results (avoid Thurs & Sun for surveys, send to loyal audience, keep it short & sweet) Be sure to listen to the results.
  • Developers: Create and maintain an ideas board (where customers can suggest new ideas)
  • Designers: Acknowledge customers and educate them
    Support Reps: validation as a tool to defuse angry customers

Word of Mouth Marketing at WooCommerce Conference 2016Word of Mouth Marketing with Andy Sernovitz

  • Giving people a reason to talk about your stuff
  • Making it easier for that conversation to take place
  • Love & Money do NOT mix (never *pay* people to share your story, etc)
  • The 5 T’s:
    • Talkers: Find People Who Talk
    • Topics: Give Something to Say
    • Tools: Help It Spread
    • Take Part: Join the conversation
    • Tracking: Measure & listen
  • Advertising is the Cost of being Born

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