A Busy Summer for the FirstTracks Team!

A Busy Summer for the FirstTracks Team!

2020 has been interesting and exciting for e-commerce marketers so far.

The COVID-19 pandemic certainly has changed all our lives and brought many challenges for businesses. It’s forced all of us at FirstTracks, who are still working from home, to become more creative and resilient. It’s also brought us closer to our clients as we navigate the realities of this new business and e-commerce world.

We wanted to post some updates about the projects we’ve been busy working on during this very strange time. Despite the uncertainty around us, the majority of our partner marketing program clients are having excellent-to-banner years with online sales. Here are just two of the many successes we have had so far this year:

Curly Girl Designs Sales Success in 2020

Curly Girl Design embraced the pandemic and encouraged its customers to stay more in touch with loved ones using its assortment of fun and uplifting cards and gifts. It worked. Curly Girl’s e-commerce sales are up 86% for the year so far!

Annalee Dolls Sales Success in 2020

Annalee Dolls offered its customers special pandemic Smile Packages for lifting spirits and also released some very creative new exclusive products. It really worked. Annalee’s sales are soaring up 52% this year so far! 

It’s been remarkable what we’ve been able to help our partners achieve so far. We’re very excited to see what the 4th quarter has to offer this year!

What about the development team? What have they been up to?

Our expert WooCommerce development team also has been very busy designing, building, and launching new e-commerce websites as well as developing some exciting new custom application integrations for WooCommerce. Here is just a quick list of some new websites we have built, designed, and launched so far this year:

We also have been hard at work on some exciting new REST API integration work for WooCommerce as well. It’s really exciting to see all the new ways we are able to build and extend application functionality using the WooCommerce and WordPress REST API.

Looking forward to sharing more details on these projects soon!

Our team may be remote but that hasn’t slowed us down one bit. We have continued to sharpen our skills and increase the effectiveness of our client programs and systems. Are you looking to grow your business in 2021? Our team of experts can help you market better to the right people at the right time and our developers can make sure that their experience online with your brand and products is smooth, quick and easy. Give us a call today at 603-924-1978 or fill out this short form to get the conversation started. We can’t wait to meet you and learn about your business and help it grow!

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