Lights, Camera, Action, Robot!?

Creating new video content for Boston Aircontrols

Our team is always hard at work supporting our clients day to day website and online marketing needs. Once in awhile we get to do something a bit more out of the box. This past week our team headed down to Burlington MA to capture some new video content to use in some upcoming YouTube ads we are planning on running for Boston Aircontrols.

We thought it would be fun to share a few clips from the capture session we did with the owner. We all had a blast putting this together throughout the course of the day. It took a few weeks of careful planning and strategy to get the scripts just right. We can’t wait to see what the finished product comes out like in a few weeks! This footage will be cut together and used as bumper ad content for YouTube that will run off remarketing campaigns we are building for Boston Aircontrols.

New Chat Bot 🤖 / Live Chat for Boston Aircontrols

In addition to the new video content we also got a brand new feature live on the Boston Aircontrols website this past week as well. Say hello to the new BAC Welcome bot! Boston Aircontrols was looking for a way to better filter in website users with questions using a live chat service combined with a chat bot to help keep live chat traffic manageable.

We looked at a number of services and options out there that worked well with WordPress. There are so many to choose from, just the initial vetting process took a good week to work through. Ultimately we settled on LiveChat combined with ChatBot. The two services together per month cost just under $200 monthly (you can save about 15% on your monthly cost if you sign up annually), which if you are looking to try this out on your own website makes for a pretty low cost barrier to entry on something like this. Many of the other services we reviewed we easily double that cost per month for the same or even reduced functionality. I have to say after working with the platform and setting all this up, it’s pretty intuitive to work with and provides tons of useful data for future improvement too.

The new chat bot is helping to better guide customers to the answers they need. If they can’t get the answers they need from it, now Boston Aircontrols knows what they are looking for and how best to help them when it does come time to start a live chat with the user. This is saving them time and helping to get their customers the answers they need more quickly.

If you are interested in having some new media shot for your business or a robot built for your live chat let us know. You can fill out this short form or give us a call at 603-924-1978. We can’t wait to meet you and learn more about your business and how we can help you do things smarter, not harder. 🙂

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