WordPress Multisite Done Right.

SAU 15

WordPress Multisite for the Hooksett New Hampshire School District

Connecting & Simplifying the Hooksett School District Web Presence

SAU 15 is the school administrative unit for the Auburn, Candia, and Hooksett school districts in New Hampshire.  Its schools are child centered and provide high-quality, rigorous instruction that engages and challenges students in acquiring the knowledge, skills, and strategies necessary for the 21st century. The school districts’ various websites, however, were not interconnected. SAU 15 needed a new WordPress Multisite plugins website to connect all the districts together.

Auburn Desktop Sample
SAU15 Desktop Sample

Powering a School Districts Web Presence with WordPress Multisite

FirstTracks Marketing implemented WordPress Multisite for SAU 15. Multisite allows you to have one WordPress installation with as many websites as you need. SAU 15 now has a single website for each of the schools in represents. But each of the school boards and school districts and all the sites associated with them are now located at their own subdomain as part of the main SAU 15 website. The best part: Staff members now login to one WordPress site and can manage all web pages, posts, and other data from one WordPress dashboard.

FirstTracks also developed a custom theme for SAU 15, which was then carried over to all other associated sites but with their own customized color palette. This way the look and feel of every site is consistent, but each has its own logo and colors.

Responsive Design Ensuring Better Access for All

The previous Hooksett School District websites were not mobile friendly. This made it hard for people to quickly access the information they needed from each school and made it hard to move between the school sites. We take a mobile first approach with all of our website design projects. When building responsive websites it’s crucial to first evaluate and design to your small sizes and user experiences to ensure your sites perform well at all screen sizes and connection speeds.

Responsive WordPress Multisite for Hooksett NH School District

Taking control of your web content

Taking advantage of WordPress Multisite dramatically changed the way SAU 15 presented itself online. Teachers and other staff can now easily update their websites. Parents and students can easily find the information they are looking for online. And keeping all the sites up to up date is now a snap for the site administrators since it’s all managed by one installation of WordPress.

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