Electronic Imaging Materials

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Electronic Imaging Materials

Electronic Imaging Materials wanted to have more control over all the aspects of its website, both content and e-commerce. See how we accomplished both with WordPress and WooCommerce.

The Company: A Custom Label Manufacturer

Electronic Imaging Materials, Inc. (EIM) is a bar code media and label printing systems provider. The company was founded in 1987 and is headquartered in Keene, New Hampshire, serving customers across the country and around the world. EIM’s production facilities make custom and stock thermal, thermal transfer, laser, and inkjet labels for clinical, research, electronics, manufacturing, warehousing, and other markets with demanding conditions. EIM produces labels either blank for on-demand printing or pre-printed in single or multiple colors, and in single and multi-part formats to fit exact specifications.

The Challenge: Putting It All Together

The new EIM website needed to perform two key functions:

  1. Combine an existing e-commerce system with the main website
  2. Retain and improve upon an online label ordering process

EIM’s previous main website featured a Drupal installation that was very difficult to work with from a content prospective. In addition, EIM’s e-commerce site was being run in a separate system and on a subdomain. This created a fractured structure that made it impossible to evaluate the website’s effectiveness at driving conversions and sales because it was all happening off site. To pull all this together, FirstTracks redesigned and rebuilt EIM’s website using WordPress and then rebuilt its online shop using WooCommerce to ensure that all activity happens in one place—making it much easier to track and evaluate performance.

Adding Responsive Functionality

Before this complete site overhaul,  Electronic Imaging Materials’ website had no mobile functionality. It was very slow and cumbersome to use on anything other than a desktop computer. The new site now features a completely responsive framework that makes it easy to access and view all content on any device regardless of size .

Electronic Imaging Materials Mobile Website Designs

All New Custom Label & Bar Code Builder

One of the coolest things FirstTracks added to the Electronic Imaging Materials’ website was a rebuilt custom pre-printed labels system. Using a combination of advanced custom fields combined with some WooCommerce template enhancements, we set up a unique system that allows EIM to customize and build its products on the backend as well as lets the consumer build and customize label style, format, and generate live bar codes. All of the factors and choices that make up the product also get translated into a live price calculation. The user can see how their choices affect the final cost and what their label looks like. Very cool stuff.

Leveraging an Improved Site for More Sales

Once the new site was complete and functioning as one entity, our attention turned to integrating online marketing effectively. We were able to finally set up proper tracking to fully track leads generated, e-commerce sales made, and even phone call requests coming in from paid advertising channels. The revenue increase from the website alone has been outstanding. In year one (2016), EIM saw a 40% increase in revenue over 2015. The projections for 2017 look like they will be up another 25% over 2016—and that’s just for direct e-commerce sales. Where the real growth has taken off is in the lead generation space. Goal completions (form requests) jumped from 155 tracked in 2015 to 730 in 2016. That’s an increase of 370%! In addition to the great response numbers, we also helped EIM to LOWER its overall ad spend by 10%. Increasing response and revenue while lowering cost—it doesn’t get much better than that.

Design Improvements Result in More Conversions

The other main focus of this project, beyond the system merging, was to improve the look and feel of the site. EIM’s old site was very linear and hard to navigate. We focused on cleaning up the navigation, improving the shop section filters and categories, and making the whole layout much more open, appealing, and easy to read. Let’s be honest: Labels and bar codes aren’t the most interesting subject matter. But we feel that the effort, passion, and planning that went into the site design produced a winner. And the results prove that.

Electronic Imaging Materials
Electronic Imaging Materials
Electronic Imaging Materials Shop

The Results

Improvements since site launch

  • 40%
    INCREASE in E-commerce Revenue
  • 40%
    INCREASE in Average Session Duration
  • 25%
    INCREASE in E-commerce Conversion Rate

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