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Douglas Cuddle Toys

Douglas Cuddle Toys has been designing and producing top-of-the-line cuddly plush toys for over 60 years.

Increasing Website Speed

Improving Website Loading Speed

When it comes to e-commerce, time is money. More specifically, how fast your e-commerce website loads has a major impact on your overall conversion rates. What makes a website fast is control over how the website loads. You must use responsible design when building a site for it to load efficiently. Your hosting plays a big part in this as well. Make sure you have good caching systems in place as well as a good CDN to handle all your image asset delivery, too.

The new Douglas Cuddle Toys e-commerce website has all of this in place now and the results speak for themselves. So far we have seen a 24% increase in overall site speed!

Increasing eCommerce Conversion Rates

Increasing E-commerce Conversions

Conversion rates across the board for the Douglas Cuddle Toys website had been struggling for the past few years. When we first started working with Douglas on its website, the average conversion rate was hovering around 1.25%. That rate is not great for any e-commerce website, and certainly not for one with such high-quality product as Douglas. Our redesign focused heavily on streamlining the browsing and purchase process for the new website. Now it’s much easier to quickly search and sort for what you are looking for. Plus the site loads a heck of a lot faster to boot. Early returns have been excellent. For November 2018 compared to the previous year we saw a 36% increase in conversion rate. That’s a jump from 2.53% up to 3.47%.

Improving Conversions with Mobile-First Design

It’s no secret that people are spending less and less time shopping on their computers and more time buying from their smartphones. One of the primary drivers of the redesign efforts for the new Douglas Cuddle Toys e-commerce website was to make it much easier to browse and buy product from mobile devices. The results so far have been outstanding. Since relaunching the site in late October 2018, there has been a 19.5% increase in the mobile conversion rate; transactions have increased by 46%; and mobile revenue has increased by 67%. We are excited to see these improvements continue in 2019.

Douglas Cuddle Toys Website eCommerce Website Design

The Results

Since Relaunch we have seen outstanding returns so far!

  • 24%
    Increase in Pages Load Speed
  • 26%
    Increase in Overall Revenue
  • 14%
    Increase in Conversion Rate

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