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Using our Bulk Ordering Solutions Powered by WooCommerce Dr. Cool and The Team Factory increased conversions & sales

Dr. Cool Recovery

Dr. Cool Recovery — Coolcore, the global leader in cooling material innovation, launched Dr. Cool recovery wraps in November 2013. Dr. Cool sports wraps feature a patented cooling material that can be used dry to protect body parts during activities, or frozen to reduce swelling and speed recovery mid or post-activity.

The Team Factory

TheTeamFactory.com — leads the soccer uniform industry in quality, value, ordering convenience, and superior customer service. In business since 1987, TheTeamFactory.com supplies soccer uniforms, soccer training suits, soccer bags, soccer equipment, and spirit gear to thousands of customers each year.

Working within the framework of WooCommerce, FirstTracks created custom templates and functionality for both clients.

Dr. Cool Recovery

FirstTracks created a special user role just for the company’s distributors. This included installing a secure login area for viewing and updating accounts as well as a special location to easily place wholesale orders. All the products are featured on one page, with a quantity input box for each size/color for each product. This page dynamically updates the subtotal for the user, who then has a one-click add to cart. The checkout process takes the order and automatically transfers it to the shipping logistics company to complete order processing.

The Team Factory

FirstTracks created a custom site that allows users to bulk add an entire uniform order to their cart from one page. Instead of the typical process of adding each variation of a product to your cart at a time, all the variations are presented to the customer to add as much quantity as they desire for each variation of the product (color and size for each part of the uniform). This was accomplished by creating a custom template for the product pages using the built-in product variation functionality of WooCommerce.

Dr. Cool Recovery Bulk Order Form
The Team Factory Bulk Order Form

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