If you build good content and structure, they will come.

The majority of all website visits start with a user typing a few keywords into a search engine. Google has 200 different factors that decide where your site falls in its search results. This begs the question: Has your site been optimized for search marketing?

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is complex in the ever-evolving online world. We help clients stay ahead of the curve and achieve top organic search engine rankings for the keywords that generate leads and sales. We start by identifying target segments and KPIs. We then apply the the latest optimization strategies and enhance your content to give you the push you need to climb up the ranks. Our process involves regular SEO site audits and keyword management and analysis. We provide our customers with access to powerful software called Raventools, which helps manage keyword ranking, provides competitive analysis and employs tools and reporting to better understand your site’s indexability and accessibility.

We know that meta descriptions and alt tags aren’t everyday jargon. Are you well-versed in latest SEO tactics and strategy? That’s why our clients turn to us. We optimize website content over coffee and perform SEO audits like they are going out of style. Our approach requires initial research and onboarding utilizing tools that x-ray your website for onsite and off-site SEO factors.

SEO is not a magic trick but an ongoing effort to bring the right customers to you. Our team will monitor, report and provide personalized recommendations that capture traffic and engage visitors.

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