Improving on a long-standing legacy platform

Douglas Cuddle Toys wanted to completely revamp their ecommerce design and presence. FirstTracks worked hand-in-hand with senior management and the marketing and design staff at Douglas Cuddle Toys to develop a new layout interface that provided the following:

  • Improved SEO across the site with better HTML and CSS design construction
  • More interactive and dynamic homepage with improved SEO
  • Added direct product feeds to homepage to get shoppers to products faster
  • Tighter integration with main social media channels
  • Better global search integration within the design
  • More obvious cart placement
  • Improved consumer review content
  • Complete color scheme and style overhaul to reflect branding initiatives
  • More flexible and easily optimized category and product pages
  • Integrated a mobile friendly version of the Douglas Cuddle Toys site to make smart phone purchases possible
  • Executed all design upgrades with the overall goal of increasing ecommerce sales

The Result

The new Douglas Cuddle Toys website design is brighter, crisper and bold. We implemented a main featured content slider on the homepage for regular promotional content that Douglas can easily edit. We designed in a product carousel on the homepage that makes it simple for Douglas to feature as many products as they like. We added social media channel feeds for Facebook and Twitter as well as a direct connection to recent customer reviews that puts their customer satisfaction front and center. Product categories are clean, direct and easy to navigate and detail pages now allow for much more extensive description, SEO and improved social media connection and sharing capabilities.

Looking to take your online store to the next level?

The community feedback and activity has been extremely encouraging. Stay tuned for future updates when we start to review the financial impact the redesign had.

If you are looking for ecommerce design and implementation help please give us a call at 603-924-1978 or fill out our website development request form. We would love the opportunity to help you make more money online.