Our client Delta Equity Services was looking for an easy way to set up and manage multiple unique broker client websites.

WordPress Multisite the perfect tool for the job

Having already deveoped a WordPress multisite for Delta Equity Services, they were eager to see how we could use this tool to help them create a new valued product offering for their business. The goal of this project was to create a new website template that would be easy for Delta Equity to implement up on their own as needed. Delta Equity needed these to be mobile friendly so we created the main template structures using responsive website design. We also made sure we used a Wootheme as the base architecture because we wanted to be sure that our client had the ability to customize and set up each new site completely on their own using the excellent woothemes option control panel. The final two parts to the project were to enable each site to run on its own primary level domain name and have then have their own separate user groups with email address routing control.

WordPress Multisite makes management easy

Delta Equity has so far developed three client sites on their WordPress Multisite network. They did this all on their own.

Delta Equity does all the content setup, color choices, font selections and image development for the entire website. Our role, as they release their sites, is to simply configure the domain mapping settings for each site so that their domain names resolve properly to the site locations in the network and to set up the custom email server records so that each client site can have their own unique email accounts along with their website and site access accounts. Each site has their own unique content, group of users and style. Delta Equity has received very positive feedback regarding the broker websites and will continue to expand their offerings.

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