The Back Story

Yankee magazine was founded in 1935 and is the only magazine devoted to New England through its coverage of travel, home, food, and features. The magazine has a paid circulation of 317,000 and a total audience of nearly two million. Yankee also owns the Old Farmer’s Almanac, the nation’s oldest continuously produced periodical. In 2013, Yankee Publishing acquired McLean Communications, publisher of New Hampshire magazine and the New Hampshire Business Review.

The Goal

The goal of the redesign and relaunch of the Yankee magazine online brand was to make it a more enjoyable experience for users to digest their content on any device, and to increase the ad revenue that could be generated from the increased accessibility of the site. More visitors, more unique visitors, more page views, and more time spent on the site are all things that any advertiser is going to be very happy about!

The Yankee magazine WordPress website project was a gigantic undertaking that required many detailed meetings, strategy sessions, and precise planning. FirstTracks focused its efforts through an intense wireframe and design phase to create the site’s functionality and design needs. We then turned our attention to the database to determine how we would craft all the new custom post types and functions that would power the new information stores, gateway pages, and content feature functions that we needed to build.

A few highlights from this project:


  • All new gateway section page designs for the homepage, including New England 101, Food, Travel, Home and Garden and Photography
  • New user sign-up feature that allows users to favorite and organize their own content
  • New quick search functions integrated into header
  • New featured content sliders for all gateway pages
  • Complete suite of custom short code functions that allow for content featuring and population in any location of the website
  • Responsive website design for tablet and mobile devices
  • Light open design that makes the easy to read content the star of the show

    The Results

    When FirstTracks relaunched the site, Yankee magazine experienced the following traffic increases:

    • 28%
      increase in visits (30K)
    • 20%
      increase in unique visitors (220K)
    • 10%
      increase in page views (350K)