A New Mobile Pet Grooming Website

PetPass Mobile Grooming is an innovative mobile pet care company well positioned in the rapidly growing pet industry. PetPass provides an array of services including grooming and veterinary as well as a full line of branded food products and supplies. Services are provided and products are delivered directly to the pet owner using a fleet of specialized vehicles via a custom developed e-commerce web interface and mobile application.

WooCommerce + WooCommerce Bookings

PetPass wanted to expand appointment making online using WordPress, WooCommerce, and Bookings for WooCommerce. Sounds simple? It isn’t. The actual act of booking these appointments incorporates a number of different factors that we had to customize to accomplish the online appointment booking goals. We had to consider extra components such as adding multiple pets to a single order, adding products to an order, and gratuity calculations at checkout to name a few. Read on to learn more about how we pulled this all together.

Mobile First Design

No kidding, right? Mobile-friendly design is important for everyone these days. We all know that. In this instance, however, making sure that the new site would function more like an app was very important to this project. The target audience for PetPass Mobile Grooming at launch was limited to a handful of ZIP codes in the Long Island, NY, area—an area of affluent people who are tech savvy and would most likely book a pet service from their mobile phone or tablet. This made our design approach and decisions at this level paramount. We kept the design and implementation very simple and straightforward but high-end at the same time.  Our design decision was right on target. In the first two months of being live, more than 52% of all PetPass visitors came from mobile devices.

WooCommerce Bookings

WooCommerce Bookings is a very powerful WooCommerce extension that works well out of the box for booking simple appointments. We wanted to work from that foundation to provide the backbone for the new PetPass Mobile Grooming online booking service. Where things got complicated on our end was adding multiple pets to a single booking appointment slot and looping product shopping into the checkout process. We customized new logic into the Bookings system that requires the user to select what type of pet, what size of pet, and then what type of grooming service before selecting the actual appointment block. This process allows for multiple pets in a single booking instance. Very cool stuff! It’s all built into child themed additions to the plugin that make core updates smooth and easy to support.

Customizing WooCommerce

In addition to the WooCommerce Booking plugin customization work, we also had to customize WooCommerce quite a bit (all through the child theme to make updates a breeze) to facilitate a few key changes to the buying process. The tracked timeline in the design of the cart was completely customized to help buyers know where they are in the process of the booking and checkout. We added key user pop-ups throughout the process that trigger when the user requests a service that isn’t available in the area or adds an additional flea and tick prevention service. Finally, we did a lot of work on the actual checkout page and follow-up emails that come from the system. They now accurately display the full details of the booking appointment along with potential add-ons a customer can add to orders each time they use the site.

Shopping & Booking Checkout Designs

    The Results

    For a brand new service in a very limited service area (only Long Island, NY), PetPass has seen healthy sales and conversion rates for the site. PetPass Mobile Grooming is well poised for continued growth going forward.

    • 3.03%
      Ecommerce Conversion Rate
    • 52%
      Visits coming from Mobile
    • 35%
      Bounce rate (low for brand new site)